We need a list of things the meh community has come together to accomplish for the greater good!


I was thinking this morning about how, because of these forums, some of us have come together and created some good in the world. Lets make a list - both so that on going efforts can get renewed attention and so that we have a record of how being on these forums has meant that we, collectively, have made good things happen that otherwise may not have happened. We can then add new efforts here with a link to the specific thread, so we have all this stuff in one place. Kind of like the record of the goats thread.

Lets try not to make it too hard to find these efforts by having a lot of commentary on this thread. Instead if people could go to the specific thread link for the effort and add commentary there. That way it will make it easy for us to find things on this thread.

I started this thread because yesterday @Lisaviolet posted about a tragedy that also involved 3 kitties. This morning, about 10am, we managed to save her deceased friend’s 3 kitties from a kill shelter (they being transferred to a no-kill shelter; they will still need homes - hopefully placed together, the no-kill shelter url is listed on the thread - the first shelter listed is the kill one, the second shelter listed is the no-kill one and that is where they will be in a few days). Had she not posted here this could well not have happened and those kitties would have been killed on the 24th:

A lot of people combined efforts and made it possible for teachers to get supplies (This is an ongoing external project, on the thread the website is listed):

Team Meh made third world entrepreneurs’ dreams to be self supporting come true by loaning money (again an on going project of Team Meh on an external website, see the thread for more info/website):

And there are more examples in these threads, I just can’t find or remember them all.

So please list any existing threads you know about here. Indicate if the efforts are completed or on going.

If there are new project people are undertaking in the future that could use the “meh team” for success, please create a new thread and post the effort here and the associated thread url.