Someone I am proud of.


Two days ago my little girl (age 8) came from school and told me a story about a little girl (Jessica - name changed). She told me that that day her and a friend had asked Jessica about her lunches at school, and why she never had much. Jessica told them that her parents didn't have much money and that after buying groceries her family did not have much money left over. She told them how they had chickens at the house (I live rural) to provide the family their eggs but that one of the chickens had just died. After further discussion, they learned that she had never been shopping at the mall or gone to see a movie at the movie theater.

My daughter has never wanted for anything, but I have always tried to teach her how lucky she was and that many people are not so fortunate. What amazed me was how she and her friend were moved to do something special for this girl. She talked about her and her friend pooling their own money to purchase gift cards to the movies or the mall, or possibly buying her some more chickens. When I asked her about a grocery store gift card for the family she made it clear that they wanted to do something special for Jessica, but that they were still working out the details.

I can not tell you after all the shenanigans my daughter can dish out at home just how proud I felt, and still feel now. I know that right now she is my superhero.

Anyway, just thought I would share something nice.