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Nature's Way Glass Hummingbird Feeders

  • Brightly colored to catch the eye of nature’s fastest, smallest, most amazing birds
  • 8 inches in diameter and holds 36 ounces of sweet sweet nectar
  • Random variations in glass texture and chain style are confusing so you’ll get what we ship you
  • Glass container is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, which is vital because a dirty feeder can give hummingbirds infections
  • If you think you don’t have hummingbirds in your area, and you live anywhere Meh ships, you’re wrong: they live in every state but Hawaii
  • Model: GHF4 (short, to the point, Google-unique, and readily understandable (Glass Hummingbird Feeder): a delicate little work of art, like if a hummingbird were a model number)
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They relaxed me with science.

Hummingbirds are amazing. Not just because their blindingly fast wings - 50 beats per second - are a marvel of evolutionary adaptation. Not just because they’re so tiny, with the smallest weighing less than a penny. Not just because they have the world’s fastest animal metabolism, or because they’re birds that move like insects.

They’re also beautiful. And relaxing.

That’s from the Instagram feed of tonx, who isn’t some kind of hummingbird expert or wildlife filmmaker. He makes coffee. He just makes the occasional ultra-calming Zen hummingbird video loop from his home in L.A.

To do this, he uses exactly three pieces of equipment: a smartphone, sometimes a macro lens, and a hummingbird feeder.

You’ve got the smartphone that can do slow-mo video. You can get a macro lens for $5 if you want one. You’ve got the hummingbirds whether you’ve noticed them before or not: they live in every state but Hawaii. All you need is the hummingbird feeder and a little patience.

Then you could see things - and make videos - like this:

What we’re selling today isn’t the same hummingbird feeder as in these videos. The hummingbirds don’t care. Hang it up near a window and keep your smartphone ready.

Or - here’s a crazy idea - put the phone down and be present in the moment.

We’re glad and grateful that tonx posts his hummingbird videos. They’re amazing like so few “amazing” things are anymore. But watching a miracle of life unfold before your eyes is pretty amazing, too.

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