2-for-Tuesday: Bauhn Sweatproof Bluetooth Sport Headphones with Case

  • Get a two-pack of earbuds in either red or black.
  • These l’il freaks ain’t afraid of no sweat, ya hear?
  • Despite that, it’s also recommended that you “keep them safe and clean with the included storage case.”
  • They’re bluetooth, which means no cables!
  • Except the 22-inch cable that connects them to each other (which, btw, has a mic in it).
  • 8 hours of battery life per charge means you can ignore your coworkers for an ENTIRE workday without having to plug them in.
  • Model Number: LE34, which is French for “The 34.”
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When The Sport Is Daily Life

We sold these once before, in February, when the snow simply refused to stop falling and 25 degrees felt like a heatwave. Back then, the concept of sweat likely invoked a sense of nostalgia. You thought of it as you might a childhood toy: oh yes, sweat! What a cute phase that was!

The only people who needed sweat-proof headphones in February were fitness buffs–who would make their way each day, regardless of windchill, to an overcompensatingly hot gym–Or masochistic year-round outdoor runners–in which case sweat-proofing was of extreme necessity, as the earbuds would be adhered more tightly to their ears by a fleece headband that absorbed their begrudging perspiration.

That was in February. Now, it’s July. And all the places battered by the grueling winter are experiencing a soggy hot summer that seemed to start in April.

In other words, in this weather, sweat-proof headphones are no longer “sport” headphones.

They are “lawn-mowing” headphones.

They are “light gardening” headphones.

They are “my bus app said it was running on time and now it says it’ll be eight minutes late” headphones.

They are “I walked the dog more than two blocks” headphones.

They are “I left something in the car and dammit why can’t I find it” headphones.

Hell, they might even be, “I am sitting at home doing nothing and I swear the HVAC guy said he’d be here in twenty minutes about two hours ago” headphones.

In short, they are not headphones for a select few; they are headphones for everyone. But despite this uptick in potential buyers, we’re still selling them for a couple bucks cheaper than last time. Out of the goodness of our hearts. Or something.

Anyway, good luck out there, all. We’d say to stay dry, but we know you won’t.

And you bought...

  • 225 of these.
  • There’s still some left.
  • That’s $3975 total.
  • (including shipping)

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