$27 for at Amazon for two trays and another tray and slicer

Top Chips Set and Mandoline Slicer

  • Includes two TopChips trays, a peeler, and a mandoline slicer which would cost you much more than $5 on its own
  • Follow the basic instructions to make fat-free, all-natural potato chips in the microwave for just $5
  • You can tell people you got it to make apple chips, carrot chips, parsnip chips, etc. so they don't think you're some kind of potato-chip junkie and also it only costs $5, seriously
  • Model: C64667DR
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Come on. Five bucks.

Do you eat potato chips? Then you should spend five bucks on this. You can make potato chips in the microwave. They're fat-free and all-natural and you can just make them and make them until you've saved way, way more than you spend on this. You'll be healthier, you'll have more money to spend - you telling us that's not worth five bucks?

But OK, there's also a mandoline slicer included here. A totally legit if not super-fancy mandoline slicer. Even if you don't care about making potato chips, you would pay way more than five bucks for the slicer on its own. Come on! Cheap mandoline slicer! Awesome!

Or maybe you just need a cheap, versatile gift to keep on hand in case of an unexpected gift-giving occasion. Or maybe you're staging a kitchen in a house for sale. Or maybe you're the set dresser for a movie about a chronic hoarder. Or maybe you are a chronic hoarder. Five freaking dollars, people.

Still not convinced? Fine. We didn't want to have to go here. But if you have fun buying our fukubukuro lucky bag of junk, you can be sure these will show up in the next one unless they sell out today. Yes, that's a threat. Is that worth five bucks to you?

Come on! Five bucks!

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