PCH Digital Pulse Massager

  • Gets electrical on your aches and pains with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS if you're nasty)
  • Eight massage modes, a belt, two sets of large pads, one set of extra-large pads, some wires, some cables, and just a touch of fairy dust
  • The electric comes out of a rechargeable Li-ion battery and straight into you
  • Models: 101339S (our last review was a little harsh on this model number, but compared to some of the crap we've seen recently, it is the very picture of brevity and charm)
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Instant Valentine's Day Kit

Did you forget Valentine's Day? Does your special someone suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain? Oh yes he or she does. That just means "aches and pains". Well, this year you're giving the gift of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation! Just place an order for the PCH Digital Pulse Massager and print out one of the TENS- themed Valentines we thoughtfully provided:

Valentine's Day is saved! Now go on and get you some! (You should probably take it easy until your new PCH Digital Pulse Massager shows up, just in case.)

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