2-For-Tuesday: Nexbelt Ratcheting Belts

  • You get two belts, each a different color (see pics)
  • Yes this breaks our Two-For-Tuesday rule of giving you two of the exact same thing, but consider this: Who cares?
  • You can adjust to any size up to 45" with the nifty “ratchet” clasp – that’s quarter-inch increments, not like those one-inch holes The Man tries to lock you into
  • They’re canvas belts with genuine leather backing (rejoice, vegan leather haters)
  • The Hampton one’s extra fancy with it’s leather tip as well
  • The “Newport Cedar” / “Newport Americana” belts aren’t in retail packaging because…well, long story, but they are brand new
  • Belts are a strip of flexible material worn especially around the waist as an item of clothing or a means of carrying something
  • Model: PCM4096, PCM4102, PCN1538, PCM1316, PCN1323, PCN6434, PCN6441, PCN6458, PCN6465, PCN6465 (Sometimes we think, "Do we really need to list all these model numbers? Then we think, “Yes.”)
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Thrown For A (Belt) Loop

You may be wondering about these “belts” everybody has been talking about lately. Are they just another fad, or are they here to stay?

“I’ve been holding my pants up with my hands for years,” you may be thinking, “Is it really worth it to buy a whole contraption to keep them up?”

We’re not taking sides, but if you’re thinking about dipping your toes in the belt waters, these canvas ratchet belts are a good place to start. They have the basic features of belts, such as fitting through the loops in your pants, without costing so much you’ll regret the purchase decision if you decide this technology isn’t for you.

You might be surprised how much you like not having to manually hold your pants up all day, though.

Smarthome technology represents a similar conundrum. It might not seem like your life would be much improved by having the lights turn on automatically in the morning instead of flipping a switch. But once you’re used to your smarthome, light switches feel onerous.

Indeed, ask any belt-wearer whether they could go back to holding their pants and they’ll likely respond strongly in the negative. Seems crazy, we know, but it’s true.

We’re reluctant to push this or any technology too hard. If you’re happy with your current pants-management system, don’t let us bully you. But if you’re open to something new, these are good entry level belts.

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