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4-Pack: Victor Crunchy Dog Treats (28oz bags, 7lb total)

  • People seem to like these dog treats
  • Or people seem to say their dogs like these treats
  • These bags are twice the size as the last ones we sold. You get (4) 28oz bags, a full 7 pounds of treats
  • They’re usually a lot more expensive than this
  • Best By: 2/28/2024 (but they’re fine for a while after)
  • How did Victor Wembanyama perfect his dog treat and manage to become an NBA-ready basketball player before he even turned 20: Pretty sure this is a different Victor
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Treat Your Dog

Over on Amazon, where these earn a rating of 4.5 out of 5, user Dawn M. provides this insight:

Nice size. Smells like actual meat.

Talk about context, am I right? Like, for just about any other product, this would seem like a bad review. But for dog treats, you get it. Basically what Dawn M. is saying is: this isn’t some mess of synthetic bullshit parading around as a piece of bacon or a tiny bite of steak. And sure enough, lamb meat is the second ingredient.

Also, to be clear, we’re not knocking Dawn M. here. That review. It provides a bit more insight than most of the others, which are basically just people saying, “The dogs ate them,” and then giving them five stars. But is that really a selling point? Like, your dog will try to eat the paper towel you used to wipe vegetable oil out of a pan. Does that mean you should rate that five stars?

Which is why we did a bunch more research and learned something interesting: Victor Crunchy Dog Treats are so popular that they’ve been a mainstay in the dog film industry for decades. In fact, on dog movie sets throughout the ages, the actors have sworn by the brand. We’re talking about the stars of such important works of canine cinema as:

  • Tinker Terrier Soldier Spy
  • Jurassic Bark
  • Singin’ in the Dane
  • Raging Bullmastiff
  • The Blairedale Witch Project
  • Ruff Night in Jericho
  • Captain Jack (Russel)
  • The Dobermann Who Knew Too Much
  • Weekend at Bernese
  • Beagle-y Blonde

Okay, we’ll admit it. We didn’t actually do research. These are just puns.

But, again, dogs seem to like these things. And usually, they’re much pricier elsewhere. So get some! From us!

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