3-for-Tuesday: iJoy Qi Wireless Chargers - 3 for $12

  • With 3, you can put one in your kitchen, one in your living room, and one in your bedroom, so you’re never without a charging spot.
  • They’re like coasters from the future! Except they’re not coasters! They charge phones and other devices! We shouldn’t have called them coasters! That was bad of us!
  • Compatible with most Qi-enabled devices such as: iPhone 8 & 8 plus; iPhone X; Samsungs S6, S7, S8; and others.
  • Model: IJ-WRLS-CHR which stands for “I Just Want Reliable Little Simple Chargers, Honestly, Really.”
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Tonight, On The Hallmehrk Channel (Pt. 2)

Tune in tonight to enjoy another double feature of original holiday entertainment, only on the Hallmehrk Channel.

You’d think Holly Day (Gloriat Tenderhorn) would love the holiday season because of her name. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! She’s a regular Grinch… if the Grinch ran a bakery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that she inherited from her deceased great aunt, who she still communicates with via a voice-activated ouija board app on her tablet.

Even so, when down-on-his-luck culinary student Chris Mass (Jaimie Dorlokson) arrives begging for a job on the morning of December 24th, even Holly can’t help but get whisked away by the spirit of the season. Follow the adventure that begins with a mysterious ancient scone recipe and ends with that magical question (“Wait, how do you afford the rent here?”) in Holly Day’s Christmas Holiday With Chris Mass.

Carolyn (Felicitae Cronline) is the founder of a nonprofit called The Tinsel Truth Tribunal. Its mission: “to fight the dangerous indoctrination of our children with false information by educating them, at a young age, about the nonexistence of Santa Claus.” The holidays are naturally a busy time for her. Flying around the country, leading information sessions, she can’t afford for anything to go wrong. That’s why she travels with her iJoy Qi Wireless Charger. She can use it to charge her phone quickly and easily, during even the shortest of layovers.

But, at O’Hare, disaster strikes. Carolyn sits down to charge her phone next to a mysterious stranger of strikingly small stature (Clork Tomlinson) who is in the process charging his own phone by way of his own iJoy Qi Wireless Charger. At that moment, a fight breaks out among two disgruntled travelers. Carolyn grabs her charger and her phone and gets out of there just as quickly as she can… only, it turns out, she grabbed the wrong phone and charger!

Carolyn searches the whole airport but she can’t find the man anywhere. Which is troubling, and not just because he has her phone. If anything, he seems to be even busier than she is! His phone has been buzzing off the hook with texts from someone named “S. Claus” concerning everything from delivery logistics to reindeer feed. Carolyn must make a decision. Does she go to her next session? Or does she follow the instructions texted to her on the stranger’s phone, instructions that may lead her to face the truth about Santa Claus: that not only does he exist; he might just be her long lost father. Find out in Who’s In Charge Of Christmas?

That’s all we have in store for today. Check back tomorrow for what’s coming up next in The Hallmehrk Christmas Movie Marathon. And, as always, feel free to pitch your own in the comments.

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