2-for-Tuesday: Bubba 24 oz Vacuum Insulated Bottles $12

  • You get two 24-ounce insulated bottles, representing the duality of fire and ice (and because it'd suck to lose one)
  • You must experience its dual-walled, vacuum-sealed insulating powers to believe them
  • Easy-drinking lid means you only need one hand to burn the hell out of your mouth
  • Safe for dishwashers and other living things
  • Model: Hero Classic
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Go Bubba or go home.

You people like your Bubba big. When we first sold this incredible remarkable not bad very good bottle, we had the 24-ounce version. And verily, the Bubba-love did flow, y'all.

Then, on Bubba's next time out, we offered the 20-ounce version. There were reasons to believe it would do even better. It was slightly shorter, the better to fit under the tap. It was slightly less girthy, the better to fit into car drink holders. And the buyers from the first round were on hand to testify personally to Bubba's unearthly ability to insulate, capable of keeping your coffee hot all morning, or your water cold through a hot day in a locked car.

But, well... it didn't flop. It did pretty well, objectively. But it didn't come anywhere near the sales of the earlier, larger model. Clearly, those extra four ounces of Bubba made all the difference.

Which makes sense. Nobody turns to Bubba for grace and subtlety. Bubba isn't the guy you ask when you need less and smaller. Bubba's all about more and bigger.

So here's a double dose of the gigunda Bubba tumblers you fancy. Modern science may not have produced a 48-ounce Bubba yet - but until they do, this pair of 24-ouncers is the most Bubba money can buy.

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  • That's $15951 total.
  • 97.16% of you didn't bite
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