TravelSmart by Conair All-In-One International Adapter with 2 USB Ports

  • Fits outlets in over 150 countries
  • 2 USB ports on the side
  • Buy it now and it’s one less thing to figure out when you do travel abroad
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but they allow you to travel with your blender abroad
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Get Plugged In

Your phone. Your laptop. Your tablet. You likely have an unhealthy relationship with one or all of these things.

You wake up and, instead of easing into your day, allowing your eyes and mind to slowly achieve full wakefulness, you immediately touch base with your favorite sports teams and your favorite social media follows. You check the group chat, check the weather, check Reddit. By the time you lift your head from your pillow, you’re experiencing a sense of looming dread. Or, possibly, you’ve blown right past dread straight into numb apathy.

Making matters worse: you’re tired. Why? Because you performed this same ritual before laying down the night before, and, as a result, you had trouble sleeping.

What we’re saying is that devices are like those friends. You know: the ones you always want to hang out with, but then afterwards, you’re like, Why do I feel so weird and bad? And you can’t pinpoint anything super specific they said or did. In fact, they didn’t say or do anything wrong. It’s you. Something about being around them alters your internal chemistry in a way you don’t like.

And yet, there are still times when they’re great friends to have. Same goes for your devices.

Take when you’re traveling abroad, for example.

Yes, you can still doomscroll in Europe. Yes, you can still get way too fired up over what you think is a passive-aggressive message. Yes, you can still check various sports app and feel wildly depressed when you see your team blew it… again.

But you can also use that same device to navigate your way through a foreign city. And you can use it to take photos to document your trip. And, if you need to, you can even use it as a translator.

In other words: your devices, when you’re traveling outside of the country, are a lifeline. But only if they’re, you know, alive. As in charged. And to keep them charged, you might need an adapter.

Like this one.

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