2-for-2-for-Tuesday: Speck CandyShell Cases for iPad Mini

  • You’re getting four of these; that’s three for you and one to give away in a striking act of spontaneous generosity
  • Hard plastic with raised rubber grippy stripy things
  • The rubber bits are the best thing about it because they keep the iPad Mini from sliding around when it's propped up or leaning against something
  • This other Amazon link has a ton of reviews to check out
  • Model: SPK-A1957, SPK-A1958
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You like my iPad case? Here, take it.

Check this out: somebody tells you your iPad Mini case looks kind of cool. Or they say they like how the rubber strips let it lean against things without sliding. Or they ask you where you got it. Or they express the slightest interest in it in any way.

And you go "Here. You can have it." SO. BALLER.

It seems like we've heard about cultures where it's standard etiquette that when someone compliments something of yours, you give it to them. In, like, Papua New Guinea or Polynesia, seems like. But it turns out that's surprisingly hard to Google. Maybe we're just thinking of Jack Klompus and his space pen.

The point is, with two two-packs (that's four cases) of these Speck Candyshell Cases for iPad Mini so cheap, you can stock up and hand them out like Elvis tossing around Cadillac keys. You know, if Cadillacs were middle-of-the-pack hard plastic iPad Mini cases with raised rubber grips.

Best of all, once you've established your reputation as the kind of generous, big-hearted guy who will give you the case off his iPad Mini, you can start complimenting those people's stuff and watch the gifts roll in. Score!

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