Foscam Wireless IP Camera (Refurbished)

  • Choose 720p or 960p video (with a corresponding difference in price)
  • View it through an Internet-connected device anywhere on Earth where they have the Internet
  • It’s got that crucial night vision up to 26 feet: we don’t know why you’d buy a security camera without it
  • Another killer feature here is the 120° tilt, not something you see very often in cameras like this
  • The other features are more common but still solid: 300° pan, motion detection
  • Records to an SD card (not included) or Foscam Cloud Storage (not included), so either buy one of those or hope you have a really good memory
  • Model: FI9831PW, FI9821PW (never a good idea to mix the letter I and the number 1 in the same model number)
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Everybody's a first-timer sometime.

Are you new here? We’re not being snotty. And by “new” we mean, oh… let’s say your first visit was within the last month. Every day, a pretty significant percentage of our visitors are seeing the site for the first time, and, we assume, scratching their heads in wonderment that anybody still does a single daily deal, or that anybody ever did a daily deal at all. Welcome, confused wanderers!

What they’re not doing is complaining about having seen this Foscam Wireless IP Cam here before. And neither should anybody else! It’s been a year since we sold it last. You don’t have to be that new to have never seen it here before. A year of daily initiates, some of whom are still coming back, have missed it completely.

That means a whole mob of youse have never heard us talk up its 300° pan, its 120° tilt, its motion detetcion, its night vision up to 26 feet. The n00bz have never read our explanation of how you can watch and control it from a PC, phone, or tablet, or how you need an SD card (not included) or Foscam Cloud Storage (not included) to record video from it.

And if you old-timers are getting smug, if you’re feeling like you’ve seen it all before, like nothing can shock you, like you’ve seen and done things that no person can ever forget and that leave scars that never heal, check this out: this time we’re offering it in 960p.

That’s right: you can pay a bit more for a higher-D option, at 1280x960. That’s objectively more pixels than we’ve ever offered in this camera before! Never heard that before, have you? Wh00z the n00b now?

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