Boom Swap Over-Ear Headphones

  • A headband that seems sturdy to us but some people disagree
  • We think they sound OK but some people disagree
  • They look kinda cool to us but some people disagree
  • We prefer over-ear cups but you can switch them to on-ear because some people disagree
  • We feel like six bucks is a freaking steal but, well...
  • Models: SWGR-A, SWWH-A (SWap, color, great! why the hyphen-A?)
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Pay almost nothing and expect even less.

When we first sold these Boom Swap headphones, we touted them as "freaking indestructible... like Kevlar or something... ridiculously tough." This was based on us twisting and cranking and knocking the hell out of them with our very hands.

We thought we knew what we were talking about. We also thought they sounded decent, and were comfortable, and looked reasonably sharp. And that's still how we feel, pretty much, but the market and/or our forum has spoken.

Our foolhardy claims were chum in the forum water. Of course, some small percentage of the ones we sold did break, under one circumstance or another. And some commenters didn't think much of the fit, or the look, or the sound, either.

That's why on subsequent Boom Swap appearances, we scaled back all of our praise. And the price. We ratcheted both of them down further and further every time - but each new sale brought out the same comments.

So fuck it. Let's make a deal: we'll drop the price to almost nothing if you drop your expectations likewise.

Expect them to be broken when you open the box. Expect them to permanently bruise your skull. Expect them to sound worse than the shittiest knockoff Walkman headphones from 1986, and look so stupid that passersby openly laugh at you.

And, still, expect more forum comments about all of the above. Or how these headphones, like, stabbed somebody in the throat or made them impotent or something. That's what we get for liking something.

So far today...

  • 54662 of you visited.
  • 30% on a phone, 6% on a tablet.
  • We sold 1147 of these.
  • 5365 clicked meh.
  • That's $8188 total.
  • 98.66% of you didn't bite.

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