FoodSaver V3230 Vacuum Sealing System (Refurbished)

  • Suspend your foodstuffs in an airless, invisible purgatory from which no one can hear them scream
  • Also seal anything else that deteriorates when exposed to air, like paper, fabric, metal, chemicals, pretty much all solid matter, come to think of it
  • Internal plastic roll and built-in cutter makes other sealers look like primitive pieces of crap
  • Two sealing speeds, two sealing settings, infinite sealing possibilities
  • This model differs from the comp link above in the style of cutting lever, but not in being freaking awesome
  • Model: V3230 (we are going to miss this model number so much when we stop selling this)
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Calling All Obsessives

Hey, check us out! When somebody on Reddit asked “What are some lesser-known or niche sites you visit religiously?”, the top answer was none other than humble little Meh!

OK, so maybe we’d prefer not to be a best-kept secret, a big fish in a tiny pond. It’s kinda like winning the NIT tournament, or making the best unpicked-up TV pilot of the season. But we’ll take it! Especially with comments like “Hell, I’m having a blast just going back and reading the descriptions for expired deals.” That post sent thousands of n00bz to Meh that day (hi, recent post-n00bz!), making it the latest and juiciest fruit of our ripening lovefest with Reddit.

As expected by no one, these FoodSaver vacuum sealers have been our best ambassadors to Redditland. Over and over and over, they’ve lured in unsuspecting regulars from all kinds of subreddits, by dint of the sheer variety of stuff they can seal.

/r/sousvide loves these because you can use them for sous-vide cooking. /r/Homebrewers seal up their hops to keep them fresh, while /r/marijuana seals up their buds to keep them kind. Lest you think it’s all frivolity, /r/preppers are relying on these sealers to survive the end of the world. We could go on.

But why should we wait for other subreddits to realize on their own how this FoodSaver can help enrich their chosen obsession? We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out to /r/reenactors that their vintage Mexican War infantry jacket buttons would remain untarnished if they were sealed up in a vacuum. /r/CoolCollections, seal up those vintage matchbooks: if they’re exposed to oxygen, one false move can send your whole collection up in flames.

You literal trainspotters who populate /r/trains, don’t you get hungry during those long, lonely hours waiting for the Norfolk Southern Intermodal 24Z to pull off the siding at CP Bound Brook? Seal up a few sandwiches and you’re always ready to grab-and-go when you pick up a hot rumor that the BNSF 6316 has been spotted approaching the Lubbock yard.

If you’re a Redditor who feels like a dragon trapped in human form, you’ve probably visited /r/Otherkin. When medical science makes it possible to fully transition, you’re going to need to keep an impeccable genetic record. Start now: every couple of months, clip off a lock of hair, seal it up with your FoodSaver, label it, and file it. You never know.

And to that brave community at /r/ShowerOrange, for people who like to eat oranges in the shower and don’t care who knows it, we ask: what could prolong the pleasure of the shower orange experience? More peel! The thicker the hide, the sweeter the bite. Seal up that orange in layer after layer of plastic with your new FoodSaver. During the extended peeling, the anticipation will build to unbearable levels. It’s tantric or something.

There are countless other Subreddits we could address if we weren’t so afraid of getting doxxed. Suffice to say that whatever freak flag you fly, it’ll fly with more gusto if you wrap it in plastic with the FoodSaver V3230 Vacuum Sealer.

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