4-Pack: Wicked Cutz Premium Jerky

  • We know this will sound crazy, but it’s expensive because it’s good.
  • Each order is a 4-pack of one flavor.
  • Choose between BBQ Mesquite Beef Jerky, Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky, Original Peppered Beef Jerky, Bleu Cheese Carp Jerky, Siracha Bacon Jerky, and Volcanic Jalapeno Beef Jerky.
  • We may have made up one of those flavors. It’s up to you figure out which!
  • Sorry friends and family of meatheads: we won’t get this to you in time for Christmas.
  • Models: WCBJ03BM, WCPJ02MA, WCBJ03PB, WCPJ03SR, and WCBJ03VJ. And if that sounds all a little too complicated for bags of jerky, wait until you see the instruction manual. (This is a joke. There is no manual.)
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Who Are We?

Friends, I cannot hold my silence any longer. I’m nervous about what’s happening to Meh. I know, I know: I’m not part of the site’s leadership, I don’t have access to our longterm plans, I’m just a measly little writer, etc., etc. But if today’s sale is an illustration of the values we actually possess, then Meh is no longer what it claims to be.

Is this some weird performance energy-jerky that didn’t sell at sporting goods stores, so the manufacturer turned to us to offload it? No. Is it at least as bad and as cheap as the garbage they sell at gas stations off the highway? Another no. In fact, it’s more expensive than gas station jerky.

And what is all that money paying for? That’s right: quality. Can you believe that? Meh selling a product that’s slightly pricier than its generic counterparts due to something as ridiculous as high standards and outstanding flavor?

At least, that’s according to our users. Last time we sold it, the reviews were very positive. @tinamarie1974 said:

This jerkey is a-meh-zing!!! Thank you!

@capnjb added:

Got the Original Peppered beef jerky today. Very much yum!

@djslack, who pushed us to sell jerky in the first place, went into more detail. He and his wife sampled the jalapeño and the BBQ flavor. While the first was too hot for his wife, they both liked the second one and especially appreciated its tenderness. (He also asked to be paid a commission, in beef jerky, for his suggestion, and @djslack, we have some good news: we can definitely give you some jerky*!)

Do you see this? Do you see what we’re dealing with here? People loved this stuff last time. That doesn’t sound like us. The only thing truly ‘us’ about it is that we’re selling it again just a couple months later. But even then, this isn’t like when we sell three essential oil diffusers in a week. It’s a food product. So, it’s possible that people might want more jerky.

In other words, it’s a logical move! But I ask: what’s Meh about making logical business decisions?! It just doesn’t make sense!

Honestly, I’m just so distraught about what’s happening here, I don’t know what to do anymore. If only I could find some place, a portal back to a time when we sold truly cheap and stupid things. A happy place, if you will. Ah, wait! Here it is. Phew, that was just the ticket. Everything is going to be just fine… or even better: a little worse than fine.

*in exchange for money

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