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Libatia The White Witch: A White Wine By Meh

  • Smells like a tropical fruit cocktail
  • Tastes like passion fruit and peach with a touch of honey
  • Finishes refreshing
  • Want more wine for spooky cheap? Use the coupon code WITCHWINE over at our sibling wine site, Casemates anytime in the next 12 months for $25 off a case of wine
  • Wine sold by participating winery
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but you can pour it into a margarita glass and call it one if you’re feeling real lazy (we don’t mean it will taste like one, though; just that it is also alcoholic, like a margarita)
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Get Witchy

They say that when Libatia The White Witch first attempted to make her famous wine, she gathered all her ingredients in a giant cauldron: the eyes of seven sad pigeons, the toe of a rare albino badger, the moss gathering on a tree with branches only facing westward, and a gallon of the purest virgin blood. She mixed it all together, brought it to a boil, let it cool, poured a glass, and…

Wow. It was disgusting.

Don’t get us wrong, she and her witch friends loved it. It was some real WITCHWINE, is what we’re saying. Why is that all-caps like that? Because WITCHWINE is actually a coupon code that you can use over at Casemates if you want to get $25 off a case of wine at any point in the next 12 months. Not bad, huh?

But anyway, if you want to make real money in the wine game, you can’t cater solely to weird old ladies who live in dilapidated houses in the woods and try to pay for everything with squirrel bones. You need to market to normal people. And normal people? They hated this stuff.

So, Libatia The White Witch contacted her friends at Pedroncelli Winery & Vineyards and said, “You gotta help me.” And since Libatia had done them a favor previously–it’s a long story, involving an amulet, a potion, a lost family tabby, a full moon, and true love–they agreed to get her something good she could put her name on.

In the end, they decided to make a lovely white wine blend. First, they put in some Sauvignon Blanc for a dash of tropical fruit. Then, they added a touch of Gewurztraminer for spice. With a modicum of Chardonnay for citrus notes, the wine was complete.

The result is a very aromatic white wine, smelling like a floral fruit cocktail. On the palate, one will find flavors of passion fruit, peach, and a touch of honey, all leading to a delightful refreshing finish.

Basically, the perfect fall wine!

Why? Because it’s wine, and it’s being sold now, in the fall. Also, it has a picture of a witch on the label, which is pretty fall-y too. But if you want to save some for the holidays, that’s cool too! It’ll be the perfect winter wine as well! And the perfect spring wine. And the perfect summer wine. And the perfect next fall wine. And–

What we’re saying is, you’ll like it! So get some!

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