Microfiber Comforters

  • Polyester fill inside a microfiber shell wrapped in warm fuzzies surrounded by magic cozy sparkles
  • Medium warmth for that Goldilocks feeling
  • Compartmentalized fill so it can only get so lumpy no matter how big a slob you are
  • Don't worry too much about the color, your eyes will be closed when you're using it
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Winter is coming.

Oh, there you go, doomsaying all the time - but this time you're right! Technically, you've been right since June 22, when the days started getting shorter. That's when the calendar began its six-month journey toward winter!

Winter is coming. A cruel reckoning awaits.

Yeah, really, it's just the part in the Earth's rotation around the Sun where the tilt of our planet's axis angles the Northern Hemisphere away from the Sun. The sunshine is less direct, and we get fewer hours of it every day, so naturally it's colder for a few months. Brrr!

Winter is coming. Each moon portends doom.

Jeesh! Aren't you Mr. Dramatic? I'm right there with you - if by "doom" you mean "snow angels, hot cocoa, and wool socks"!

Winter is coming. Its icy claw stirs, preparing to strike.

Well, that "claw" is no match for my microfiber comforter! So toasty, so soft... and if I do feel the scratch of Old Man Winter's gross icy fingernails, I'll just pile another one on! At these prices, why not?

Winter is coming. The brutal culling of-

Speaking of which, I've got an extra blanket or two here if you need one. What color do you like? Platinum? Sage? Khaki? Brick, maybe?

Winter is coming. The moans of the starving-

Chocolate? Blue? Ivory? White? Black?

...Black. Just black.

I should've known! Here you go! Just make sure you don't spill any hot apple cider on it!

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