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2-Pack: Memory Foam Knee Pillow - 2 for $6

  • They are pillows that you put between your knees.
  • They do a number of things that are good, such as relieve back pain, joint pain, sciatic pain, and help expectant mothers sleep. But they’re also just good if you like a pillow between your knees at night.
  • You get two of them for $6.
  • Models: QV001 and QV002, because they’re both Quite Voluptuous!
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Needs vs. Wants

When it comes to marketing, it’s easier if the product is not just desirable but necessary. Because if you need something, your choice is already made. What this leads to, unfortunately, is taking a product that is simply comfortable and nice and trying to paint it, via buzzwords and scare tactics, as absolutely essential.

This seems to be what happened with these memory foam knee pillows. Look at any one of them on Amazon and you’ll notice a trend. They promote spinal alignment. They’ll relieve the pain in your back. They’ll keep your joints happy and healthy. They allow expecting moms to get a good night sleep. They help those suffering from sciatica.

And that’s great, it really is. But read enough about them and you might start to think you need a prescription just to buy one. And you don’t. In fact, you don’t need one at all.

But maybe you want one. Or maybe you want two. Maybe you see that we’re selling a two-pack of memory foam knee pillows for six bucks and you think, “Hey, why not.” Maybe you think having a lot of pillows in and on your bed is just fun. Maybe you’re a side-sleeper and you hate bumping your dumb knees together all night. Maybe you’re name is Isabel Illinkowitz, and you just want two things that look like giant plush I’s from the side, because those are your initials.

Those are all okay reasons to buy knee pillows. In fact, they’re more than okay. They’re great! (And we’re not just saying that as people who are selling knee pillows.) So go ahead: buy them if you need them. Or buy them if you just want them. Don’t overthink it. They’re only 6 dollars.

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