2-for-Tuesday: Meh Snap Cables with Fancy Box

  • Hard plastic charging cable small enough for your keychain
  • We had fun with the box and made it into a DIY phone stand
  • Choose two Lightning cables, two Micro USB cables, or one of each
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Nothing compares to this.

You should go to Amazon and buy the NomadKey. It's really cool. It's a little keychain-size charging cable, made of flexible plastic so it's both durable and easy to use. It's Apple MFi-certified, too. Get the NomadKey and you'll never leave the house without your phone cable ever again! Go buy it! Right now! You'll love it! Go!

Still here? That must mean you're not buying the NomadKey. For you, it's the cheapo, inflexible, non-Apple certified Snap Cable or nothing. So let's compare the Snap Cable to nothing, in this odorless, energy-efficient chart:

comparison chart: Snap Cable vs. Nothing

Clearly, if you're interested in something, anything, that can charge and sync mobile devices and hook on to your keychain, the Snap Cable is the ideal choice. If, however, it's more important to you that things cost nothing and take up no space, Nothing is right for you.

OK, we've done our share to educate consumers today. When's lunch?

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