Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Dispensing Refrigerator

  • 3 cubic feet, so you can fit it in your cubicle
  • Tank with external dispenser for whatever liquids you need to get through the workday
  • Y'know, vodka looks a lot like water
  • Cheesy faux retro styling is at least better than an ugly black and silver box
  • 18.7" W x 17.5" D x 33" H (221mm x 445mm x 840mm)
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Free yourself from the office fridge.

It's a battlefield. It's a dystopia. It's hostile territory. It's where petty fascists enforce their diktats with pitiless brutality, where ravenous looters seize whatever they can grab, where the ever-swelling masses jostle for every available inch of space.

It's the office fridge. Take any workplace vendetta, trace it back to its origins, and you'll find a dispute over the refrigerator. Between the passive-aggressive notes, the downright aggressive retorts scrawled onto those notes, the silently disappeared helpings of pasta salad and cold pizza, and the pervasive sense of decay caused by the "it's not my job to clean up" mentality, the fridge is the worst place in the office. It makes the outdoor smoking area look like Disneyland.

The only way out of the morass? Your own fridge. That only you can use. That only you control. This Nostalgia Electrics Refrigerator is a 3-cubic-foot liberated zone where you're free to store whatever you want for as long as you want. No more mysterious resource raids by unknown thieves. No more finger-wagging flyers posted by wanna-be office dictators. No more smelling somebody else's leftover salmon; no more bitching from other people about the smell of your leftover salmon.

Clean it on your own time. Live by your own rules. And that goes for the liquid dispenser tank, too. Fill it with water, or beer, or milk for your cereal, or Red Bull, or nothing. It's yours. You are the master of your fluids. This fridge even looks half decent - better, certainly, than that filthy used fridge from 1986 that the office hoi polloi have to share. Together with those barware sets you bought from us the other day, your cubicle can become quite the little cocktail party time machine - if, and only if, that's the way you want it.

Opt out of the system. Answer to no one. Declare your independence with this Nostalgia Electrics Refrigerator. Live fridge or die!

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