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Bottled Cheer Red Wine Blend

  • We bottled cheer! And by ‘cheer’, we mean ‘wine.’ And by ‘we,’ we mean a ‘a winery did it all for us.’ (Which is good, trust us; you don’t want any of Jack in IT’s bathtub “wine.”)
  • Winery or licensee is the seller of record
  • Fruit-forward aromas, brightly acidic cherry and berry flavors, and a peppery, toasty finish
  • Check out Sidedeal if you need some wine-drinking vessels
  • Also check out Casemates for an exciting Mystery Magnum bundle!
  • Can it make a margarita: you’re asking if a wine can make a margarita? You realize how crazy that sounds?
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Cheers To Us

When we set out to make Bottled Cheer, we had a mission. We didn’t want to just throw some red wine blend into bottles and slap some labels on them. No, we wanted the ‘Bottled Cheer’ to live up to its name. We wanted something that evoked tinsel, stockings filled with knick-knacks hung over a blazing fireplace, carolers in mittens serenading you with “Silent Night” as a light snow falls.

So, we gathered some of the leading wine scientists in the world and put them to work. And the result was amazing! As in, amazingly disgusting. Smoky tinsel and wet wool in a drink? What were we thinking?

Anyway, after all the time and money spent on this endeavor, the idea of just loading up some bottles with a red wine blend and slapping some labels on them held quite a lot of appeal.

And to be clear, this isn’t just any red wine blend. It’s a truly delicious medium-bodied red wine blend packed with fruit-forward aromas, brightly acidic cherry and berry flavors, and a peppery, toasty finish. In other words, the perfect holiday libation, whether you’re staying in for a quiet night watching classic Christmas specials with one or two others, or heading out to a raucous, cutthroat White Elephant gift exchange with a big group of friends.

Sounds fun, right?

Well, this isn’t the only fun wine offer you’ll find on the internet today. Because our mates over at Casemates have something pretty exciting going on as well. It’s called the Mystery Magnum Plus (or MM+). Basically, you’ll get a mystery magnum bottle of wine (valued at, at least, $80) and a bonus, carefully selected bottle (750mL) of wine!

So buy some Bottled Cheer and head over to Casemates to keep the party going. You won’t regret it. Unless you regret buying good wine at low prices. In which case, what’s wrong with you?

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