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Pacific Pearls Baroque Pearl Pendant & Drop Earrings - $28

  • You get a 15-18mm white pearl pendant and a pair of pearl earrings
  • The big pearl in the pendant is “baroque” style, meaning each one has a unique shape and hue (and plays the harpsichord)
  • The pendant’s chain is rhodium-plated silver, which we believe grants super powers
  • Pearls grow for 4-6 years to get this size which, we’re glad someone else is that patient because we would’ve grabbed them a couple years ago
  • Model: SUL688, KIR290 (Mmm…Yelp reviews of Brazilian restaurants)
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Don’t Avoid The Ovoid

Some of nature’s most beautiful objects are spheres. The sun, the planets, pearls – all beautifully, perfectly circular. Right?

Wrong. Or rather, not quite. Small pearls can be quite spherical, but as they age and grow large, like the 15-18mm ones we’re selling today, they morph (over 4 years, in this case) into more interesting, non-spherical shapes. Like the flavor of an aged wine or the scent of a vintage jacket denim jackets, the shape of a pearl gets more complex and rich with age.

So really, you’re getting a big-ass pearl plus some matching earrings for super cheap, and you’ll stand out from the pearl pack with a “unique baroque shape.” (In fact, if you see someone sporting a giant, perfectly round pearl, chances are it’s fake.)

Come to think of it, almost all spheres are man-made. When’s the last time you saw a spherical rock? Or plant? Or cloud? Turns out there are very few naturally occurring circles or spheres on our planet or off it.

Way back in the 1600s everybody thought the orbits of the planets were perfect circles, but Johannes Kepler was like “Nope. Ellipses. Boom.” Nearly 300 years later, NASA discovered that even the Sun is oblate.

“But what about the Earth?” You ask. “Mountains.” We say. “Oh, right.” You conclude.

In conclusion: Spherical pearls are lame (except the ones we will almost certainly be selling in the next few weeks).

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