2-Pack or 12-Pack: Dr. Cool Cooling Towels

  • Get a boring 2-pack or totally rad 12-pack of these “chemical-free" cooling towels.
  • You gotta wet them first, then wring them, then snap them, then apply them to your hot sweaty skin.
  • Model: DRC-TOALLA. Doctor Cool’s last name was originally Doctor Cool-Toalla. When he dropped the Toalla for ease of branding, it outraged his father’s family. Thus, in order not to miss out on his inheritance, he was forced to use it as a model number.
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Two or Twelve Times The Cool

You’ll notice that you have two choices on today’s sale. One is reasonable. The other is unreasonable. Or should we say: the other is an UNREASONABLY GOOD DEAL! You know what that means. It’s the return of:


For those are unfamiliar, Order/Hoarder is when we offer you two options: a normal number of things for a good price, or an abnormally large number of things for a GREAT price. Today’s product:

Cooling towels!!!

So, let’s break it down:

The Math

“You can’t put a price on cool.” That’s something someone said in a movie once. It doesn’t matter who or what movie or if I just made it up, because it’s not true. You can put a price on being cool.

For example, if you just want to be double-cool (as in, get two cooling towels) you have to pay $12. That comes down to the totally reasonable per towel price of $6 (especially considering they’re $10 over on Amazon).

Now, here’s where it gets a bit more complicated. As we like to point out on these sales, when figuring out the price per unit of the Hoarder order, it’s not as simple as dividing the overall price ($36) by the number of units (12). BECAUSE, your can choose either 2 or 12, no in-betweens. Therefore, if you think about it, you’re already paying $6 for each of the first 2 towels, which means the last 10 towels are only costing you $24, or a mere $2.40 per towel! How about that deal, huh?!

What you can do with a normal order

It’s pretty simple. Cooling towels are not exactly all that, well, cool, but they are functional. With just two of them, you can use one as your main post-workout cool-down towel, and give the other to your spouse or partner. Or you can cycle through both yourself so you don’t have to do laundry as often.

What can you do with a Hoarder order

So much more! Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Go a day early and leave a cooling towel at each mile marker of your upcoming 20K race, so you never have to worry about getting too hot.

  • Take all of them and fashion them into a suit or cocktail dress to wear to outdoor weddings. But would a suit or dress made out of cooling towels really be classy enough for something like that? you might ask. To which we would respond: Could it be any less classy than a suit or dress soaked with sweat?

  • Sure, you could spend a bunch of money on an air conditioner and then a bunch of more money each month to run it. Or, you could save some cash by sewing yourself a delightful cooling towel quilt!

  • They’d make a great napkin alternative at your 12-guest “super spicy food banquet”.

  • Are you a do-gooder teen? Do you often dream of fashioning rope ladders out of clothes and blankets to lower yourself out your 2nd story bedroom window so you can run around after bedtime with your new rebellious friends? Only, your palms get so sweaty that you can’t get a good grip? Gosh, if only you could make a rope ladder out of something cool and soothing to the touch!

See? Maybe we were wrong. Maybe 12 cooling towels isn’t an unreasonable amount of cooling towels at all. On the other hand, you still have the option of buying the (completely boring) 2-pack. The decision is yours!

So what’s it gonna be? Are you going to place an order? Or become a hoarder?

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