Nabi Look HD Camera and GoPro Accessory Kit

  • You get a 1080p action camera, two mounts, a watertight shockproof casing, a remote, a battery, an SD card, and a removable LCD display
  • If that’s not enough extra crap, we’ll through in an additional accessory kit with more mounts, a pouch, and lens cleaner
  • If that’s still not enough, you can go buy your own GoPro accessories because this camera is compatible with them
  • If you only want the accessory kit, it’s ten bucks
  • Model: CAMERA2-06-SU13, ACTION-3BB (jeez, why stop there, Nabi? why not go ahead and make the model numbers even longer than the product name?)
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All dash, no bored.

Oh sure, this Nabi HD Camera can record skydives and SCUBA adventures, backflips and roof jumps. But there’s good news for the lazy, too! You can still capture jaw-dropping footage even if the mere sight of a snowboard makes you throw your back out. Just mount this Nabi Go camera on a dashboard instead of a helmet and be ready when something like this happens:

That meteor was media-savvy to crash down in Russia, the dash-cam capital of the world. To combat a uniquely aggressive form of insurance fraud - maniacs ramming their car into yours on purpose and then suing you for the “accident” - Russian drivers routinely mount dash cams in their cars, sometimes in the front and back.

Since there are no more crazier roads on Earth than those in Russia, there are now countless ridiculous, terrifying, and sometimes gory Russian dash cam videos from all over YouTube. We don’t find anything fun about watching people get seriously hurt, but if you want a mild taste of the lunacy, this compilation is low on the casualty count without sacrificing any insanity.

But you don’t have to drive the through a meteor shower on the dodge 'em highways of Russia to capture crazy shit on a dash cam. Like this kangaroo:

Or this tornado:

Or this terrifying flash flood:

Or this even more terrifying instance of distracted driving:

Or this out-of-control semi on an Australian back road:

Near misses and close calls are a dash-cam genre unto themselves. Here’s a compilation of dozens more from around the world, in case you feel like having your heart driven into your throat:

Whew! After that, let’s chill with another favorite dash-cam motif, the time-lapse road trip. Don’t focus on anything in particular and the frantic rush of scenery turns hypnotic. Here’s a drive from Virginia to Oregon condensed into 20 minutes (look for the snowy hometown of several Meh staffers around the five-minute mark):

You could literally spend the rest of your natural life watching dash-cam videos on YouTube. Or you could get this crazy cheap Nabi Go camera, stick it on your dashboard with the included mount, and start making your own. Just keep in mind, we assume no responsibility for whatever befalls you on the road to Novosibirsk.

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