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PowerWrapz | PowerArmz | PowerSpurz

2-for-Tuesday: 4id Personal Safety LED Lights

  • Your choice of a pair of PowerArmz (for your arms), PowerSpurz (for your feet), or PowerWrapz (for your bike, stroller, scooter, leash, backpack, shopping cart, marching baton, one-man-band rig, or anything else you can wrap a thing around)
  • In your choice of alert red, code blue, or OMGreen
  • Glow for 70 hours or flash for 100 much more annoying hours
  • Weatherproof for truly dedicated fitness masochists
  • Model: PWR-Wrapz, PWR-Spurz, PWR-Armz (spelling out “Power” and eliminating the hyphen would only add one character while making the model numbers and the model names the same, thus improving the Google results - guys, it’s OK to do that instead of contriving something inferior just to make the model numbers seem more “model numbery”)
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What's the speed of dark?

It’s winter. Darkness is falling. The sun’s rising later and setting earlier. Your daily jog, your cycle ride to work, and your training for that pogo-stick marathon are all more likely to be happening in low-light conditions. And when you’re out on the road in the dark, darting through the shadows, racing through the gloom, you know what could happen.

You could get hit by a hovercraft.

Pedestrian-hovercraft incidents remain at their historic level of danger, as something that could conceivably happen to someone somewhere under the right set of bizarre circumstances. Don’t you owe it to your loved ones to protect yourself from it?

That’s why these 4id Personal Safety Lights are as essential to life as air, water, and Netflix. Put the PowerArmz on your armz, the PowerSpurz on your feet, or the PowerWrapz around your bike, backpack, dog’s collar, baby’s stroller, or pogo stick. They glow for up to 70 hours or flash for up to 100 hours, as you prefer.

Then, the next time a hovercraft wanders too close to the ground, the pilot will see your lights and be like “Whoa, is that a pedestrian or cyclist? Oh, geez, better swerve out of the way.” Disaster averted. Life saved. Hair probably messed up a little from all that pressurized air.

Don’t be just another pedestrian-hovercraft fatality statistic. Put on these 4id Personal Safety Lights before the air cushion of doom claims yet another victim.

(Also, watch out for cars, that could be pretty bad too.)

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