2-for-Tuesday: Cheerson CX-10C Video Cam Quadcopters

  • You get one orange and one black quadcopter
  • 4-8 minutes of flight time on a 15-20 minute charge means you can buy two or three pairs and copter continuously until the end of time
  • Still as tiny and zippy and addictive as every other time we’ve loved them before
  • Shoots video onto an SD card (not included, especially at this price)
  • We know it seems like we have an infinite supply of these but someday they’ll run out and then you’ll be sorry (not today but someday)
  • Model: CX-10C (docked half a point for that hyphen, but otherwise this model number is as clever and compact as the copters themselves)
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Perpetual Coptering Machine

Imagine this Kickstarter: a quadcopter that can run forever. Just bring it in for a landing every 6 minutes or so, then take off for another run. No waiting around. No copterus interruptus just when it starts getting fun. Just droning on and on.

No doubt that Kickstarter would raise a million bucks. But, alas, there’d be plenty of doubt that it would ever deliver.

Fortunately, like true love in a corny rom-com, that wonderland of infinite coptering you’re looking for has been right here all along.

Buy four, or better yet, six of these fantastiballz little Cheerson CX-10C video quadcopters. (That’s two or three pairs, for the math im-pair-ed (LOL).) Fly one and keep the rest charging. Land that copter when its battery is low. Fly one of the fully-charged ones while you charge the first one. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. If you crash one, even if it’s completely destroyed, so what? You’d have to destroy a couple to introduce even a short delay in the endless cycle.

The only thing cooler than a palm-sized video-shooting quadcopter is a whole fleet of palm-sized video-shooting quadcopters. Stock up on 'em now and never not be coptering. It’s literally a million-dollar idea.

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