48-Pack: Trails Best Salami Twin Packs

  • 48 twin-packs of salami
  • That’s 96 individual salamis
  • (But you’re going to eat both salamis in a sitting, let’s be real)
  • Best by 9/17/2024
  • Are they available in Georgia red: Uh, sorta? Maybe like a Georgia Red shirt caught in a rainstorm? So it looks darker?
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Once More, For Those In The Back

Just because you put up a new deal daily doesn’t mean everyone drops by to shop daily.

This is something we have to remember here at Meh. After all, our jobs require we think about the site just about every day of the week. As such, we sometimes think things like, We don’t want to repeat ourselves too often. That could get pretty annoying!

And then, we sell these salami packs and get a comment like this:

I noted the expiration date of 9/17/2024 and decided to pass.


So, here we go again. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Or, on second thought, don’t, because it needs to be said. 9/17/2024 is not the ‘expiration date.’ It is the ‘best-by date.’ Per the USDA’s own definition:

A “Best if Used By/Before” date indicates when a product will be of best flavor or quality. It is not a purchase or safety date.

Does that mean these salamis can be consumed forever? No. But they will definitely be safe to eat well past September 17th.

And, btw, let’s be real here: that’s not even that soon. You won’t eat 48 meat snacks in two and a half months (this was a sale from late June)? Sorry! Can’t relate!

But, anyway, since we’re digging around the comments from a previous sale, it seems smart to mention that those who did purchase and consume these things seemed to like them.


Mine arrived - they are fresh and flavorful - not too mild and not too spicy- really glad I ordered them

And @ShotgunX:

They’re pretty good. Compared to Jack Link’s, these are a bit on the salty side, but have way less sugar. They’re tender and flavorful (very slight spice level). A perfect post-workout snack.

And @tombroadcaster:

Got mine today and they’re…fine. A bit greasy but the sticks themselves aren’t bad. Handy protein at least in reasonable portions.

Yes, we’re including the review that’s not entirely positive. Because we’re selling 48 of these things for 24 dollars. Which means, they don’t have to be amazing. They just need to be edible. And they are. For a while.

So buy some!

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