*UPDATED* Just How Amazing are Meh Staffers?


Well let me tell you.

Last week I posted a topic "Someone I am proud of"

It talks about how proud I was of my daughter and her friend who wanted to do something nice for a classmate who they felt deserved something special in her life. The amazing Mehtizens had so many nice words to say, and some even offered charitable gifts, that were politely not accepted because the thread was never meant for help, and the two little girls had things covered.

Then a few days ago I received a package in the mail. I thought no way that is the knife I ordered unless Meh Prime is now available. When I opened this package I was first confused and then simply dumb struck. The delightfully wonderful staffers at Meh. sent this.

I wanted to wait to post this until I had a discussion with the teacher to discus the best way to proceed. She is going to have a discussion with the guidance counselor and get back to me. She was amazed that a business would do this. She said she was also a little teary over all of this.

To everyone working at Meh. I am not sure what to say except - THANK YOU! I’m a little bit at a loss of words on how this made me feel - except that is was a wonderfully good feeling. So I will just do my Happy Dance instead. I don’t care how silly I look!

How am I suppose to give you kidz a hard time when pull super special tricks like this. Next time, why don’t you just send me a bottle of onion salt that I can throw in my eyes.

Hopefully, I can head off any of the conversations in advance of the following topics. How will the family feel about this? Do they have internet access/dealings with amazon. The teacher said unfortunately she has had situations in the past where parents just take the gift card given to the child and uses them for whatever they want (and not always good things the family needs) We decided the card will be used prior for something special. We discussed all sorts of possibilities to make this work where everyone is happy. So can we keep this type of a discussion to a minimum, please? This all about the generosity of Meh staff.

I will update everyone with details as the school and I decide how we will proceed to give this little girl something special.