Know anyone who wants a kitty? Hollins VA

lisaviolet thought this was worth mentioning said

Last month, one of my facebook friends lost her husband. She died last week. She left behind three cats. Her brother took them to a shelter.

Let me know if you know anyone that can help and I will pass the info along…

They are located in Hollins, VA, which is in Roanoke County. Please share and let me know if you know anyone in Virginia who might be able to help. My contact is trying to get more information, so this is all I have at this time. Thank you!

Jenny (5y/o Grey & White Polydactyl), Zoey (4y/o long haired Tortiseshell Friendliest of the group), Kayley (4y/o Calico Shyest of the group). All 3 are spayed & up to date on shots. I left vet records at the shelter. Any & all help for the cats is Greatly Appreciated