Friend's cat needs help beyond what I can, and have, done


On the “Yea Cats” thread I posted (part way down) two photos of my friend’s cat, Gizmo. One posing as a santa face and one posing as a christmas tree ornament. Well Gizmo, who is 5 (was born in and spent the first year of his life in a shelter) is sick. Big time sick. Weighs half what he did several months type of sick, not playing anymore (was still playing at Christmas), barely eating and mostly sleeping type of sick. Going down hill type of sick. And his person is running out of money to pay the mounting vet bills as they are trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with him. He had an ultra sound yesterday (a bunch of other things done earlier, trial meds, special cat food, etc. that have not helped) and the vet now, based on the ultrasound, wants to take biopsy (via abdominal surgery). That bill estimate is $400 (surgery is early next week as that is the soonest it can be scheduled - her vet has already cut her a break on the cost). She already put the ultrasound on her credit card because she has no money to pay that bill in full (no idea how much that cost as I didn’t ask). And of course there is still treatment or eventually euthanizing him (hoping not that!!!) that she would have to paid for.

Gizmo is one of the sweetest, most loving, gentle, curious, trusting, entertaining cats I have ever met. His person is distraught. Yesterday morning, I spent nearly a third of my month’s allotment of food stamps on food for her (and her family - they do not make a lot of money and just miss qualifying for food stamps) so she could put that money she’d otherwise spend on food to the vet bill (worth eating a month of PB&J and ramen if it will help save this cat). If anyone who donates to cat causes (or anyone else) would consider helping my friend out (money can be sent straight to the vet and credited to her account) I’d sure appreciate it.

Send me an email at my user name at the usual yahoo and I will send you her contact info, that of the vet, her facebook where she has been posting the saga of her poor cat (last night when she called me about the ultrasound outcome I asked her to temporarily make at least that part of her facebook public so I could refer people to that too)…

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