The newest member of the Umper clan...


@tHumperchick & @Humper would like to introduce you all to our newest family member, @PuppyCat! (So called because she makes little puppy and kitten noises when she's happy.)

After months of specialists, tests, and preparation; all of our plans got tossed out the window and @PuppyCat decided to make us go get her last week. All went well, with a few non-scary hiccups along the way.

(Look. At. Those. Cheeks.)

PC turned out to be bigger than anyone expected (9 lbs, 5.8 oz!) and due to that and other complications, she had some issues with keeping up her blood sugar. So they had to take her to special care just a few hours after she was born to pump her full of sugar for 2 days to help her regulate it on her own. She handled it like a champ. A champ that's really, really, really sick of being poked, stuck, and prodded.

(She quickly learned to swing that arm board like a weapon.)

We spent a lot of time going from one end of the ward (my room) to the other (special care) to feed and cuddle the munchkin. Luckily, the walking was really good for my healing. Unluckily, it sucked not having her with me for 2 days. I got her back at 11 pm the night before we were discharged.
PC's first ridiculously unnecessary outfit!

(She's already got her sassy side-eye down pat!)

(Proud papa @humper, showing off his @PuppyCat and a mediocre t-shirt.)

Here's what her adorableness wore home:

(We picked out that super warm outfit because we expected winter weather in NY in Feb... it was high 40's and she was a bit warm for the short ride home.)

and a bonus pic of your neighborhood friendly thumperchick, complete with mini-mod!