Please give money to buy books for poor kids. Or don't. Up to you.


In order to get free shipping for my Cards Against Humanity Hilary and Drumpf add-on packs, I ordered some other add-on packs, including the 2013 Holiday Pack. Its purchase triggered a randomly placed $3 donation to Donors Choose an organization that crowdfunds projects for schools.

This morning, I received an email informing me that my donation went to a project raising money for books at an elementary school near my job and I realized that my randomly assigned $3 was the only donation that Ms. Leon has received towards the $185 she needs for her kids by September 9th.

This made me sad, because reading is fundamental and should be enjoyed by all (plus this*) so I decided to:
1- try and get the rest of you to give some money to Ms Leon
2- make up any shortfall myself if y’all are too frakking cheap

Note that I am clueless about who Ms Leon is and that I was only vaguely aware of the existence of P.S. 20 prior to today.

TL;DR: This project to buy books so that 3rd to 5th graders can learn to enjoy reading is worth funding. Please send them a few bucks, maybe funded by getting a slightly less fancy coffee tomorrow? Please and thanks.

*There is also a personal reason why this speaks to me: when @miraclewhispers was in 3rd grade, she was in danger of being left back because she “couldn’t read.” I knew this was total bullshit (she’s smarter than I am) and was about not wanting to rather than not being able. So we went to the local branch of the public library and borrowed the first book of about 25 different book series; She had to read until she found something she wanted to read, which did not take long. I cannot recall which all she liked, but soon after this the problem was not getting her to read but rather getting her to put down the book she was reading and go to sleep (this annoyed her mother a lot more than me, since I read in lieu of sleeping much of the time).