We could name a goat in an obscure board game, but we need your help!


We need 25 people to each donate $10 (pooled together) so we can make a $250 backer pledge to this kickstarter campaign:

Pledge $250 or more
Name our goats! We Have Goats and they need names! You'll get a copy of the game, a t-shirt, and you get to name one goat. The name will appear on a token and will be printed on all games we make for this edition. Must be an actual name, and not something weird! (We will refund your money and name it ourselves if so!)
Free USA shipping included.
Estimated delivery: Nov 2015 Ships anywhere in the world

We're thinking we send the game to mediocre HQ and get them to play it on the livestream.

TL:DR - for $10 you can help do something silly that really doesn't benefit you in any way shape or form, but is kind of cool.

If you want in, email me - thumperchickwastaken at gmail

If we get 25 total, fast enough... who all cough up the cash in time - we can make this happen!

(@Bingo posted the original thread for this HERE.)