(UNOFFICIAL) 2020 Holiday Mehrican Exchange


All right folks! We’ve gone a long time without abusing the postal system for fun and whatever the opposite of profit is. And they’re not at all busy this month. After a little bit of talking, it looks like there is interest in having an exchange.

This time, we’ll take a different approach. Previously, our esteemed hosts @studerc and @kidsandliz did a whole lot of work to collect everyone’s info, match people up, and manage the whole thing. I’m going to be lazy and outsource the work.

We’ll be using a site called Elfster to handle all the address collecting and people matching instead of someone doing all that stuff by hand. This means that you’ll have to be sure to put your address in your profile at Elfster, and the site will provide you with your match’s information. I won’t have any access to that stuff, which means hopefully I can’t screw this up. I found out I can see the addresses of participants, but I pinkie promise not to do anything with that information, save it on my phone, or divulge it to anyone else. You’ll just have to trust me.

It also means that I don’t think there is an easy way to do multiple boxes, or to send without receiving. We’ll figure this out as we go.

I do get to see who is signing up. If you are new or don’t put your forum name on the site, I may ask questions when I see you.

In the interest of time I’m going to go ahead and get this moving. Here are the rules, such as they are:

It’s time to spread some of the IRK love we’ve hopefully all gotten in 2020!

This exchange isn’t limited to what you got in your IRKs. Feel free to include your own junk. Most people send a medium flat rate box, but the choice is yours. Please follow these guidelines to the best of your ability:

  1. Junk doesn’t mean trash. Please don’t send broken stuff or literal garbage.
  2. Food is probably a bad idea. Think of a better idea.
  3. Remember to share the treasures you receive in the reveal thread. This is a big part of the fun, and if you get gifts and ghost it is hurtful.
  4. There is a wishlist function in Elfster. Feel free to use it or not. Your sender may also be stalking your forum post to figure out which bits of junk you would appreciate the most. I think there’s also a function to ask questions of your recipient on the Elfster site.
  5. Everyone has their own situation. The exchange about fun, not monetary value. I did put $5 as it wanted a price and that’s the price of an IRK. Do practice the golden rule and consider whether you would like to receive what you’re sending out.
  6. If you’re on the naughty list from previous exchanges, you will be removed from this exchange.
  7. Your personal information is handled by Elfster, not me. As I understand it, the site will conduct the draw to match people and communicate your recipient to you the day after the RSVP deadline. Be sure to put your mailing address in your profile here (click your initial in the top right).
  8. Safety first. No bodily fluids. If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, maybe sit this one out in the name of keeping your fellow Mehtizens safe. Consider sanitizing stuff before you send it, and when you receive it as well.
  9. Have Fun! That’s what this is all about.

Sign up at the link below to participate. RSVP by 12/20, and send your packages to arrive no later than 12/30. I look forward to exchanging crap with you!

Signup link: https://www.elfster.com/gift-exchanges/19df4588-457c-4e39-8082-cc102a1e5a05/?join=mtlk

Edit by RiotDemon:
If you put your actual name, it will show up. Use your username as the name and nickname. You can put your name in one of the address lines if you are afraid you won’t get your mail with your nickname.