Mehrican Exchange Ver. 2.0 Unboxing


I guess I was the lucky one to receive Ver2 box swap. Here are my contents.

Groot bobble head, Hello Kitty 8GB mimobot flash drive, Hello Kitty pencil with big Hello Kitty eraser, PBnJ spreader, Shark Creature Cup, 180's ear warmers, Solar grasshoppers (three), Megaman mini helmet replica with display stand, 100 water balloons, Iron Man novelty bag,
Streetfighter red headband, Gilt Sunglasses, Meh +1.50 reading glasses, Clifford The Big Red Dog toothbrush, Yellow rubber ducky that lights up, 24k gold plated stickers (Transformers, Happy Day, Best), Pony Dreadful beaded bracelet, Timeless Minis - red wagon,
Bodylotion from hotel, How to Survive a Sharknado book and several packets of tea/coffee.


The opening