(UNOFFICIAL) 2020 Holiday Exchange Reveal


Meh-ry Xmas and happy holidays to all my fellow Meh-heads! Guess i’m starting the reveal thread for the first holiday meh exchange that I had the chance to participate in. As much as some of you might want to hear about a HO HUM, Meh like experience, I might disappoint. So far it’s been extremely FUN, filled with anticipation, excitement, even some obsessing and indecision.
All in all it’s been a exhilarating experience. AND, it’s not even close to being over yet! Woohoo! I’ve made some new friends and found that my secret Santa not only lives just a few towns away but we have lots in common too. My gift couldn’t have come at a better time. While i’m stuck in the hospital with NO visitors aloud, AGAIN do to the virus, I was thrilled to have my package sent up to me! It made my day bright! Literally! I’ll be getting my neon color tie dye on real soon! Thanks so much @Bfhorner for making this crazy year of the Covid end with such brightness! It’s great!
Merry Christmas!