What would you like Meh to repeat?

dave shared some links said

It’s always tough asking people what they wish Meh would sell, because our business often works by finding the things that no one else wanted, and getting them to a price where they become decent deals despite that.

So, yeah, it’d be great if we could sell Nintendo Switches for $99, but you’ll have to wait a decade till that happens.

One thing that’s slightly more feasible, is for us to find more of something we sold in the past. Plenty of times they’re gone, they’re all gone, and they never will show up again. (Today’s Bem Power Bank Station is likely one of those, for instance.) And there’s clear special-occasion deals that aren’t exactly something we ‘find’ (Fukos). But every once in awhile, we can dig up more of something that was a hit before - those Trym shavers are a recent example that we brought back after more than a year.

So - looking back over everything we’ve ever sold, all the way back to 2014 (and in fact, looking through those oldest deals might be a good place to start), what do you wish we would repeat?

You can search our deals here: https://meh.com/forum/?category=deals or use something like http://mehstalker.com/mehhistory.php, and then sort by date added (ASC). See what you can find, even if it’s from before you were here. And star anything good other people find.