Day Zero Community Hubbub & Hoopla


You should start by checking out our Welcome Post, but you’re probably too good for that sort of thing.

Sign our Guest Book and feel important.

We have some fun things planned for today so here’s a vague sneak peak at the schedule of events. You’re already here, might as well stick around and maybe even score something mediocre (but lets be honest you probably won’t win, or like what it is in the unlikely event that you do). By the way all of these times are EDT, that’s Eastern Daylight Time if you’re terrible with acronyms and can’t google things.

Collaborate on Something Stupid
Lie to Your Friends and Make Them Jealous
Tell Us How You Really Feel
The Meh Number
All Mediocre Answers
Curse You, David Gray!

Obviously this schedule isn’t set in stone and it’s not like you’re being forced to participate or anything but don't be a turkey, you totally should.