Curse You, David Gray! - Scapegoat of the Month {{CLOSED}}

JonT shared some links said

In honor of David Gray who was misguided enough to be the backer that pushed us over our Kickstarter goal, we want to provide you with the chance to tell us why you deserve to be the Scapegoat of the Month and have anything bad that happens blamed on you, for example the site not launching on time because everything was on fire and exploding! THANKS A LOT David Gray. That was sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell.

Write a few sentences describing why you deserve our blame more than anyone else, and maybe we’ll even do something special for the lucky winner(?) if we can figure it out without breaking everything. As a bonus, if we do break everything we'll just blame you anyway.

Vote with your stars and we'll choose the winner/loser at midnight eastern.

And the winner is: @Ryaneil! Congrats on being so incompetent that you'll be the target of all of our blame for the next month!