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Just an IRK

What? An IRK? As the daily deal? And not for $50? Without any refunds related to other purchases? What in the world is going on here?!

Well, to be honest, just that. It’s an IRK. As the daily deal. For less than $50. And there are no refunds to be earned by spending money on SideDeal or wherever.

But don’t worry, it’ll still be the same mish-mash of total bullshit that you will absolutely regret purchasing, regardless of the price!

Now, you know what wasn’t so regrettable? That series of fun forum challenges we did on the Eve of April Fools’ Day. And today, at long last, we’re announcing the winners (of nothing but pride)!

FYI, these are presented in the order we were able to find them scrolling through the forums, not the order they appeared in on the site.

Here they are!

The Bland Challenge: Describe your favorite film/TV show/book in the blandest and most unappealing way possible.

The Gameplay Challenge:Imagine your life was a video game and describe the gameplay.

The Challenge Challenge: You decide! Go ahead, set a challenge of your own and let other people respond!

The Horse Challenge: Set a timer on your phone for 30 seconds and draw a picture of a horse. Post the result.

The Sunset Challenge: Take a photo of tonight’s sunset and post it.

The Plant Challenge: Put sunglasses (or a hat or a scarf or whatever) on your favorite house/office plant, post a photo, name them, and tell us a little bit about their personality.

The Mug Challenge: Take a photo of your coffee mug and post it.

The Punchline Challenge: Write the best punchline to this set-up, two candles walk into a bar.

The Cocktail Challenge: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Provide a recipe for an end-of-day cocktail/mocktail. Could be a classic or could be something of your own devising.

The Bird Challenge: Look out your window. If you see a bird, take a photo of it and post it here.

The Wick Challenge: Take a photo of something you’d like to see be used as a weapon in an upcoming John Wick movie and post it.

The Buddy Cop Challenge: Write a short scene from the movie about you and your dog/cat as a buddy cop duo.

The Couplet Challenge: Describe your commute to/from work using 6 or more sets of heroic couplets, as if it were a mythical journey.

The Captain Challenge: Start with: “This is your captain speaking” and describe what you plan to do with the rest of your day as if you are the pilot at the beginning of a long flight.

The Haiku Challenge: Write a haiku about your favorite beverage.

The Benedict Challenge: Explain what eggs Benedict is without using the following words/phrases: eggs, hollandaise, Canadian bacon, English muffin.

The Clickbait Challenge: Write a clickbait headline for what you will eat for lunch.

The Tagline Challenge: Write a tagline for your career, but make it sound like an action movie.

So, there you have it! Thanks all who participated. Now buy our stupid IRKs.

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