2-Pack: Griffin 10W Wireless Charging Stands

  • Like charging pads but slightly more vertical
  • 10W means it’ll actually charge your phone fairly fast
  • $5 per stand
  • Can it make a margarita: Friend, this is 2 charging stands for LESS than a margarita probably costs
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A Charge For Cheap

When it comes to charging stands, there are usually three core selling points. You know, the ones we go through every time we sell these things:

  1. It’s easier to put down than plug in.
  2. The adjustable angle makes it simple to keep watching a video/reading a recipe even while your phone is charging.
  3. 10W means they can charge stuff pretty fast.

But not today!

Or, well, actually those three points all apply to these Griffin 10W Wireless Charging Stands. What we’re saying is there’s another selling point that trumps all of them:

  1. They’re friggin’ cheap as all hell!

Seriously, 2 for $10. That’s $5 per charging stand. AKA, right in the “eh, why not?” price range.

Like, can you remember the last thing you spent $5 on? Some sort of bougie coffee drink? A domestic beer at the bar? A banana at Lucille Bluth’s grocery store? Our point here is two-fold: first, that you might’ve dropped a fiver on something fleeting and way less useful than a thing to charge your phone; and second, there’s a chance that you can’t even remember the last thing you spent 5 bucks on, because you did it without thinking.

Now, to be clear, we are not selling a single charging stand for $5. You have to buy 2 for $10. But this is, honestly, a favor to you.

After all, there’s nothing worse than buying something for super cheap, using it, realizing how great it is, and then going back to get another only to find out they’re not available anymore.

And besides, you’ll have a use for 2 charging stands. Maybe keep one in the kitchen and one on the end table next to the couch. Or one at home, one at the office. Or one for you, one for your spouse.

Whatever you want to do really. The point is, there’s plenty you can do with a couple charging stands. And these 2 charging stands are only $10. So just buy them, duh.

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