ICYMI - Meh's 7th Birthday


Hey mehtizens!

Thumperchick here to catch you up on what you missed if you weren’t around last Thursday/Friday.

It was meh.com’s 7th birthday! So we spent 2 days playing here in the forums and hosting a few contests.

Here’s a list of what you missed:
Day 0
Party? Hats? PARTY HATS! - Folks shared pics of themselves and/or their pets in our custom-designed party hats. You can still get one, the links are live and you can download and print your own!

We posted some AMA’s:
Hey my friends don’t call me Salvaje….
Halfling’s AMA - wooo!
You got questions, Getclosure has answers! (CS Team AMA)
Hello, was it CardiganB you were looking for?
An Extra Helping of ExtraMedium, AMA!

With all of those AMAs, we passed out a few IRKs to some unsuspecting commenters. (You’ll know if you’re one of them because you’ll see it in your order history.)

Day 1
MIBMMTIS - Irk Impression Contest - We challenged folks to give us their best Irk impression. (@Matthew announced the winners here.)
MEH B-DAY CAKE DECORATING CONTEST - We asked you to decorate a cake in honor of our birthday. (@halfling baked up some winners.)
Digital Scavenger Hunt - We posted clues/items to photograph and sent you out into the world to capture those images. (@Thumperchick hooked up a few random participants.)

We’ll be announcing winners for the contests sometime this week (probably). Thanks for playing along with us!