University Games 5-Piece Card Game Bundle

  • 5 games, including:
  • Egyptian Rat Screw, that one where you slap each other under the premise of slapping cards!
  • Six Pack Game, drinking puns!
  • Spiderwick Chronicles Card Game, rescue your uncle from goblins!
  • Travel Symbol Simon, picture puzzles to decipher words and phrases!
  • I Ate Zombies, where you probably eat zombies.
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Card Game University

Wow, I can’t believe it. All those applications and box tops have finally paid off. I can’t help but stare in wonder at the sprawling campus before me. With buildings that seemed straight out of the Red Queen’s court, it was hard to believe this place really existed. Sure, it’s one of the hottest universities in the world, churning out champions who’d go on to make the big bucks later in life, but it always seemed too good to be true. Like something out of a Japanese cartoon aimed at teens and pre-teens meant to sell merchandise.

I start down the main path, rucksack slung over my shoulder and taking in the scenery, when suddenly I bump into something! Knocked out of my sightseeing stupor, look to the ground. Through a fluttering cloud of cards, I see a small guy in glasses rubbing his forehead and wearing the school uniform. Without a second thought, I knelt down and started gathering cards.

A haughty laugh boomed from nearby, commanding everyone’s attention. “Ha! Even the transfer student knows who the losers are.”

I looked quizzically over at its source. A lean guy wearing three school polos, collars flared on each, stood with a couple faceless stooges in school uniforms. His hair was spiked at weird angles like a leftover geometry assignment and some of it even covered his left eye. Weirdly enough, I could still see his eye through it.

Before I could say anything, glasses guy straightened his glasses with two fingers and muttered to me, “That’s Chaz Mulligan. He graduated top of the class from Card Game University High. They say his great great grandfather perfected the one-handed shuffle.”

Chaz scoffed, “Transfer doesn’t look like much of a competitor himself, though, either. I bet he can barely keep up with a game of War, let alone at a competitive level.” His stooges laughed and high-fived him and each other several times.

I handed the cards I’d gathered back to the student on the ground. “Hope they’re alright.”

As I stood and turned to face Chaz, I could hear glasses guy whisper in awe, “Holy cow, I’ve never seen a deck put together this pristinely. It’s like it’s pack fresh!”

I cooly stepped toward Chaz, hands in my pockets and head cocked lightly to the side. His smug grin turned to a cold stare as he silenced his no-name extras’ sniggering with a raised hand. “You got something to say, transfer?”

“Maybe I do.” In less than a second, I whipped a deck of cards, unopened, from my pocket. Holding it dramatically in front of my face, with a single flick of the wrist the pack was torn open, plastic and all. The cards fanned out neatly into a semi-circle as the container’s halves fell to the side, carried off in a conveniently badass gust of wind. Everyone went silent, and I forcefully declared, “Egyptian Rat Screw!”

There were panicked murmurs from a growing crowd of students, when Chaz burst into a crescendo of laughter, verging on the maniacal. I took a battle-ready stance as I watched him strike his own dramatic pose, grinning ear-to-ear with an electric excitement. “They’re gonna have to play 52 Pick-Up with your bones when I’m through with you,” he hissed, all three collars billowing in the convenient breeze.

“Somebody needs to slap some sense into you,” I smirked. And as the dust kicked up from our rising power levels, we both bellowed it out.


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