4-Pack: Bright Basics Ultra Bright Wireless Light Bars with 2 Remote Controls

  • 4-pack of wireless lighting for wherever you need it
  • Super easy installation; simple battery power
  • Wireless remotes
  • Model: L1GHT3N-UP
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Let there be (easily installed, inexpensive) light.

You know what was an underrated innovation?

The flashlight function on your phone.

Before that, there were even third-party apps that would just make your screen all white, which for a while was as close as you could get to getting light out of your Twitter machine. It worked…sort of. Real cave man stuff, though.

Anyway, occasionally you need some light and it’s super nice when you can actually have it at the push of a button.

And sometimes, that “needing light” thing happens in the same place over and over again. Usually it’s enough to make you really wish that you had a light on a switch right there. Usually it’s NOT enough to make you actually go through the pain in the ass that actually doing anything about it would be.

If you don’t know about home electricity, you probably shouldn’t be messing with home electricity. If you do know about home electricity, then you also know that the theoretically simple job of adding a light and a switch is going to turn into a frustrating nightmare of fishing wires through walls, running into studs that shouldn’t be there, and realizing that your kid isn’t paying the slightest bit of attention while you ask if flipping the circuit breakers is making the garage light turn off or not.

That’s why today’s deal is the move. Electricity? From batteries. Installation? Sticky tape. Operation? Wireless remote.

Get light where you want it with the least amount of effort possible and end up with an undeniably slick solution that will make you smile every time you use it. Unless you’re a superhero or something and you’re using these to light your lair. Then you might not smile. But not because the lighting isn’t delightful, but just because there’s a lot of stress in a job like that and you can’t be expected to smile all the time.

Everyone asks who PowerMan is. No one asks how PowerMan is…

Don’t worry, he’s fine. The merchandizing alone is very lucrative. Just order yourself some of these wireless light bars and try not to think about it.

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