Cookie season!


I’m a bit of a lazy experimentalist when it comes to cookies; I like to start with a tolerable cookie mix and add Stuff. Yesterday evening, I made a batch of one of my favorites, White Chip Macadamia Lime Chili.
Cookies that bite back
The recipe (if you can call it that) is:
One pack Betty Crocker White Chip Macadamia cookie mix
Quarter-teaspoon arbol or cayenne chili powder
8 packets True Lime powder

Mix all dry ingredients together, then prepare dough according to the mix package directions. For more bite, the amount of chili powder can be increased; I’ve gone as high as a half teaspoon at times.

Why have boring cookies when a little fiddling makes them not boring at all? (These are also really good with the chili left out; I’ll make a batch of those today.)