Aduro Keynote headphones

werehatrack went on a bit of a rant said

Okay, these have only been over on either Side Deal or Morningsave so far, but…

Honest review:

Worth $15, maybe $20, not $30, to me.
The sound is heavily bass-biased, the high end was definitely lacking in the pair I received - but if you’re all about the bass, that’s gold. They work both via Bluetooth and an included way-too-short-for-most-things 3.5mm-plug cable, so they could be used with olde-skool devices that Speake Not Of The Indigo Incisors. I didn’t test the microphone, but allegedly they have one, though that’s going to be Bluetooth-only; the included cable lacks the third ring for that connection. Battery life? Dunno, but these things are so lightweight that the battery can’t be very substantial. And charging it with the included cable seemed to take for fecking ever.

Also, the over-the-ear cups are way too small for this elephant; your mileage may vary.

Honestly, I’d call these a decent cheap headphone for a reasonably responsible kid. They’ll probably dig on the rumble from the explosions in their favorite FPS.