TrackR Pixel 5-Packs

  • Attach them to stuff, get the app, pair them to your phone, and now your keys will ring when they’re lost in the couch
  • Apparently they can connect to a global network of TrackR users, but not sure exactly how or what that would do for you
  • Push the button on the Pixel to make your phone ring
  • Everything is singing
  • Model: Tp1PkBlEcoEng; ah, this is what we call the “way-too-specific filename” variety of model number
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Back On Track

Friends, we’re back with your favorite little doo-dad for keeping track of your stuff, the TrackR Pixel! Except this time, things are different, for two reasons:

  1. We’ve sold them in 8-packs, and 2-packs, and then in 8-packs again, and then as singles (thanks, Mehstalker, for the refresher), but this time we’re selling a 5-pack for $6!


  1. For all previous sales, I was writing about them based only on what I’d been told. But now, I am the proud owner of 4 TrackR Pixels, which means today’s write-up will be actually be, you know, thoughtful and informed! (Or, at least, factual.)

Really, though, I’ve been satisfied. Or, I should say, pretty satisfied. I can fault nothing with their functionality. They paired quickly and operated just as advertised: once they were set up and named, it was easy to go in the app, hit a button, and make my house keys sound off wherever they were (within the house). Sure, it was a little annoying to set up a profile. And okay, I’m still not sure exactly how the whole “global network of TrackR users” works. And fine, I’ll admit that 2 of my tokens apparently had low batteries right out of the packaging and the “free battery” requires that you pay for shipping, so it’s really a $1.99 battery. (A cool hack for dealing with this: just ignore it, and if the battery really does die, decide what you want to do then!)

But none of these things truly hindered my TrackR experience. My real issue is that, ever since adding the TrackRs to my house keys and my car keys, I’m like a fucking key-finding wizard.

Seriously, before I bought these I could put down a set of keys and it was as if, the moment my hand released them, my memory was erased. I used a valet key for an entire month before taking out my slicker on a rainy day and finding the real key in the pocket. I then lost it in the couch at my in-laws’ and FOUR of us were searching for nearly an hour before I unearthed it in the couch. A few days before my TrackRs arrived, I heard a jingling while I was taking clothes out of the dryer and found the backdoor key I had not seen since June.

But now? Now that I have thwarted my poor memory by way of technological ingenuity? My keys are always exactly where I remember leaving them. They’re right there in the bowl. They’re already in my pocket. They’re perfectly placed where I can see them.

And yes, I understand that the result is the same, but I bought a thing to do a thing, and I want to use it! IT’S NOT FAIR!

In conclusion, if you buy these TrackR Pixels, you’ll keep better track of your stuff, whether they help or not.

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