We got a dog


Not on purpose, but he was running loose in the street this morning, right when there’s fairly heavy school traffic.

No tags. Well, a little charm thing on his collar, but useless for identification. I called the vet, we took him down there, they checked for a microchip, there was none. They offered to bathe him. Okay.

When we picked him up, they gave us a goodie bag (food) and didn’t charge us for anything.

He did a fine poop in the yard and I knew that this wasn’t a stray (poop volume) and was well fed. I put out a sign on our mailbox.

male dog

Someone stopped within the hour.

It was Gramma’s dog. Got out of an unsecured gate. Gramma was beside herself, thank you for taking him, can I pay you for the vet visit?

Not necessary. Here’s the food they gave us. We love this little dog already and if no one had come forward, we’d have kept him.

“Are you serious? Gramma talked about a new home for him a couple of months ago, I’ll talk it over with her if you’re serious.”

Less than an hour later, they were back. The little old dog, Gramma and the son-in-law. The talk about rehoming him came after another walk about. Her health isn’t up to the worry.

So, we have a little Shitzu. Eleven years old. He shows no interest in the cats. The cats are a different story, so there will be some watching there, but they don’t care about possums in the house, why should they care about a dog?

Anyway…his name is Jingles.

enter image description here