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High Definition Video Drone by Propel

  • See the world from just a little higher up in the air
  • Do tricks at the push of a button
  • Range is 500 feet! That’s 5 football fields!
  • Wait, no, we got feet and yards confused
  • When drones become obsolete, maybe we’ll make a shirt about it for Mediocritee
  • Will not arrive by Christmas
  • Model: 4LL-DR0N3-UP
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Naming Your Drone

Here’s what we’ve got: a drone.

Is it the same drone that someone in Hollywood would use to get a panning shot of downtown LA for a credits sequence? Nope. It’s a pretty simple little camera drone. It can fly up to 500 feet. It can take HD videos. It can do stunts at the push of a button. It’s got modes for beginners and skilled pilots.

In other words, it’s fine.

Also, it’s cute. Just look at that little guy! So fun! So colorful! Get one of these drones, and within minutes of playing with it, there’s a solid chance you’ll be thinking, I gotta gotta come up with something fun to call this l’il fella.

Which is why we’ve put together a list of potential names for you to use. Here, take a look:

  • Propellen Degeneres
  • The Drone Ranger
  • James Camera-on
  • Kevin, the protagonist in Home Adrone
  • Charlize Thedrone
  • D.H., author of Lady Chatterley’s Hover
  • alternatively, H.D. Lawrence
  • Bret Easton Propellis
  • Padmé, the protagonist of Attack of the Drones
  • Drone Cusack
  • Rhianna, who sings “Umpropella”
  • Nina Sidrone
  • Propelton John
  • Doug Flyger, lead singer of The Knack, who performed “My Sha-drone-a”
  • E.T., who wants to “drone home”
  • Robert DeNirpro(pel)
  • Flight D Eisenhover

Of course, these would be our ideas. If you’ve got others to add, definitely jump in the comments and let us know!

Oh, and buy a drone! Or two! Or three!

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