5-Pack: Merkury Innovations Smart Wi-Fi 9.8ft LED Strips

  • Control color and dim by app or voice
  • Works with Hey Google and Alexa, or control using the Geeni app
  • IP44 waterproof rating
  • Need a power source
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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I Have A BS In BS

“Back to School” sales, huh? Honestly, anything could be considered school-related if we come up with convincing-enough BS, right? C’mon, it’ll be fun! We’ll do it just like all those essays we did on books we never even read past the back cover!


Sometimes teachers want you to make dioramas of boring things. You know, stuff like historical events and the water cycle and that sort of educational crap. Most people can put together something decent, but they all end up looking pretty similar. So, what can you do to spice it up?


But not everybody has access to explosives. Or should be trusted with explosives.

Therefore, you should add some lighting to it! Some LED strips would really make your diorama pop. Figuratively pop. Unless you do have the explosives, then it’d literally pop too.

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