September goatdom- @sohmageek!


I don't typically weigh in too much on future goats. Consider me Jimmy Carter. I'm spending my days post administration catering to the needs of the underprivileged.

All that changes now. I offer for your September blame aim, (blaiming?!) consideration, @sohmageek. If you aren't all too familiar with this fine Vermontian, allow me to introduce by way of internety links.

Sohmageek organized the first toilet papering of an online retailer in the history of the world. - I blame him for lightening my wallet and cracking my ass up.
Sohmageek stood in line (and recruits others) for hours to acquire some super rare beer for yours truly. - I blame him for my fatty liver.
Sohmageek tells it like it is regarding restaurant etiquette. I blame him for standing behind me in line and telling you all about our interaction.
Sohmageek gives back to the people. - I blame him for being all self righteous and caring about other people more than me.
Sohmageek again gives back to the people! Fine, we get it, you're a decent human!

So, let's talk about @sohmageek. Post why @sohmageek should or shouldn't be the next goat.