Non beer folks, tl:dr I fingered some sweet cans of beer.

So, a while back, in an unrelated thread, @sohmageek and I went back and forth a little bit about beer, geography, and shipping.

Fast forward through 34 emails (yes, @sohmageek I counted), and LOOK WHAT SHOWED UP ON MY FRONT PORCH!

@sohmageek went on the hunt and found some amazing and very rare beers. Opening this box, I had a smile on my face like I haven't had since kids were born. Beer fuku is the best kind of fuku there is! In return, I'm going to send him some amazing and rare if you live outside of Michigan beers.

This got me thinking. If @studerc can do this with not beer, why can't we do it with beer! @sohmageek gave me some really good reasons why not:

  • Age limits
  • Shipping restrictions from specific carriers
  • dunnage
  • this costs actual, real, money- and sometimes quite a bit of it.

So, meh community, here's what I need. Poke holes in the idea of a beer fuku. Then, fill those holes. Can this work?

Beer exchanges happen all the time. Can we leverage our geographic span, tight community and love of good beer to try beers not available to us?

You tell me.