Usernames will be drawn and distributed by me. no whining or trading. keep it secret until the reveal. Only I, the shipper, and the folks who hacked Ashley Madison will know who gets whom until the reveal. Use or equivalent tool to determine whether the beer you would like to send is available in the receiver's area. Do not send beer that is available to that person- this is about trying new things. Beer does NOT necessarily have to be from the sender's hometown, but unless it's a super rare crazy limited find, MUST NOT be available in the receiver's region. That being said, I encourage showcasing your local area whenever possible. If your location sucks (I'm looking at you, Mississippi),call an audible.

Fill out the google docs form, and email me and only me your address. to do this you're going to have to give up some privacy. sorry. only me and the person shipping you beer will have your address.

What a receiver should expect:
- beer that is not available in their area
- beer that is well packaged
- 4-6 tall cans or 6-8 bottles, minimum
(cans preferred)
what a receiver should not expect:
- Beer that is so limited that sender has to stand in ridiculous lines, follow distribution trucks, or scratch off proprietary lottery tickets to acquire a rare bottle. DONT GET PISSED IF YOU DONT GET A WHITE WHALE. It is the sender's discretion if they want to send you their bottle of 2012 Dark Lord, but by God do not expect anything other than beer that you don't have access to in a style that you don't hate.
what a sender should expect:
- Take pride in curating your craft beer fuku. Have some ego! Do some research! Ask your friends! This is not the time to send the last beer in the craft sampler pack that's been sitting in the back of your fridge for six months because no one wants it. Take pride in your box. You are sending your username along with this box, and results will be posted. You will be judged. Don't be a dick.
- Cost: Figure $2.50 a bottle/can, multiplied by the quantities listed above. We have all had shitty expensive beer and fantastic cheap beer. This is just a guideline. No one will be judged for being cheap if the beer is good!
- If you are doing this for free beer, you're a dick. Don't be a dick. Your meh reputation (such as it is) is at stake. The list of usernames participating will be made public, and the folks who don't reciprocate will be made public. That being said, don't participate if you can't afford to participate. With anything like this, there will be the inevitable douchebag. Don't let it be you.
- Timelines are undetermined but will be reasonable. Try not to miss them. If you don't think you're going to make your timelines, communicate, communicate, communicate. I will pass messages back and forth regarding shipping issues, timeline concerns, etc, from shipper and receiver to try to keep this anonymous and fun.
subscribe to the thread! stay involved! post your fuku unboxening/drinkening
- Finally, no bitching at me. I'm not getting paid for this, so save it.

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