@JonT's Mediocre Wedding Registry

marklog went on a bit of a rant said

Hello community!

As many of you know, @JonT is getting a little bit married! Also, as many of you know, It's tough out there trying to get started in this world, a new life combining with another. Electric word life. It means forever, and that's a might long time. But I'm here to tell you, there's something else.

Sorry, Prince flare up. I'm a little drunk.

Digression aside, I think we have an opportunity to teach these young folks how to stretch a dollar. Using the power of the community, we can do something truly mediocre for our friend, colleague, and moderator. So, the plan:

-go to Amazon
-search for the least expensive free shipping item you can find
-send it to Mehquarters ATTN; @JonT's Wedding registry. The cheapest and most random item is the goal here.

If you have Amazon Prime and do this today/tomorrow, @JonT's desk will have a good sized mountain of extremely useful items when he returns from vacation.

If you can't spend, that's OK. Donate your time and find some items that others may want to send.

To @JonT. Put your phone down, you're on vacation. Nothing to see here.