Scapegoat of the Month – A Brief History


Welcome to a combination explanation/retrospective (explaspective) of the Meh Scapegoat of the Month. Shoutout to October's goat @Thumperchick for giving us this idea to steal.

There are a lot of reasons someone might have questions about all of the goat talk around here. Maybe you’re new to the forums and just got hipped to this goat nonsense, maybe you're a casual forum goer and just never heard the origin story behind the goat, or maybe you were just trying to buy some chevon and ended up here by mistake.

Whatever the reason, you're probably wondering what all this casting blame is about and why whoever has the tiny gray goat next to their name keeps apologizing for things.

Let's start from the beginning…actually that'll take way too long, forget about that. Let's start from June 25th, 2014 about 2 weeks before the launch of Meh. We had just successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign thanks to one David Gray (@davegray). Basically it was because of him that we'd have to actually do some work around here and get this whole website thing launched.

The O.G. (original goat) and face of blame.

As a so-called "reward" Kickstarter backers could access Meh one day before anyone else. A bunch of shit totally broke and we stayed up until 5:00am working to try to fix it all (another fine reason to look for someone to blame). Once all of that was over and our site worked we had some fun Day Zero events on the forums and one of them was a way to find out whom we would all collectively blame when anything went wrong for the rest of the month, which was sure to happen. Thus the first forum Scapegoat was crowned: @Ryaneil.

His crime? "I emailed customer service 18 times today because I didn't know my own address."
What a jerk.

So that's how the Scapegoat came to be and how our very first goat was crowned. To keep this silly post from getting even longer than it already is, I'll use the rest of it to list the scapegoats we've had since.

August: @marklog - for inappropriate animal touching.
September: @studerc - for setting up an entirely community run exchange that went extremely well! Yeah, sometimes the reasons people become the goat can be weird.
October: @Thumperchick - for being extremely helpful and liked by everyone, which clearly earns you no favors around here.
November: @cengland0 - for being randomly selected to receive a scapegoat starter kit from a Fukubukuro.

TL;DR: It started as something silly and fun because we wanted someone to take the blame for all of our mistakes and has since evolved to be a big part of the community. If you still don't get it, blame @cengland0 (for the rest of November)