My FUKU "Other Thing" shipment


The guys at meh headquarters have a funny sense of humor.

So I bought a FUKU bag and received one of those notes that another item will arrive separately.

Even though it said not to get excited, I couldn't help it -- I was excited. Thanks to @lichme , I discovered a way to track the second shipment. It was supposed to arrive yesterday but wasn't delivered as expected and then the tracking site suddenly showed today as the potential delivery day. One day late is better than never, right?

The first thing that made me worried is when the Fedex truck arrived. It wasn't one of those small trucks -- this one was huge. It backed into my driveway and no delivery driver has ever done that before.

I work from home so I was there when the delivery man brought it to the door. He asked if I needed help bringing it into the house and I told him no. Why should I? The tracking information said it was 10 pounds and I should be able to handle at least that much.

After he left, I tried to pick up the box and suddenly realized it was much more than 10 pounds and should have asked for help bringing into the house. I estimate it weighs about 70 pounds. I had to drag it inside. What did meh send me, a bag of dirt like another user? Hmmm....

Here's a picture of the box:

Looking closely at it, I have more reason for concern. It seems to be leaking packing material:

So I open the box and it's full of, what looks to be, pillow filling that @lichme got with his sign.

This is a lot of fluffy filling. I asked Mrs. cengland0 to rummage through it while I take pictures.

This is the first thing she pulls out of the box:

WTF? I have no idea what this stuff is. Seems to be some sort of liquid to keep a goat's coat healthy looking. Very strange.

Mrs. cengland0 rummages through it again (notice the watch she's wearing is the one meh sold on September 6, 2014.

That's nice. A note is included saying the package is inspired by @studerc , @marklog , and @ryaniel

I recognize those names as the scapegoats of the month. Oh dear lord, what has meh done now?!?!?! If you look closely, you can see the fine print says "...Bleeeeat"

Here are the other items in the box.

50 pounds of goat feed

A flavored salt lick

A bag of goat mineral

Gee thanks meh. These are the exact things I've always wanted. I appreciate @studerc , @marklog , and @ryaniel for making this happen.