Meh release time, unfair advantage?

aHusky went on a bit of a rant said

With Meh being released at midnight, EST, it's pretty late for some of us on the east coast. Like many other great East Coast Americans, we have a job that requires us to be awake at 5:00 AM, Monday through Friday. As many hard-working, family supporting, Meh-loving, patrons know, not getting to bed at a decent hour can be very draining the next day and have negative effects on health, mood, and work production. We have to make a choice between refreshing the Meh page and getting to sleep at a decent hour. Staying awake until midnight is quite literally not an option for many people. And by the time we awake, at many points, the deal is already gone; sold to those who don't have to make the choice to stay awake or go to sleep.

Currently, the further west you move through the United States time zones, the better chance they have of being awake to see the great deals. In CST, it will be 11 PM. Still late, but much better than midnight. And the Kings living over in Westeros in the PST Kingdom have a very comfortable 10:00 PM while they look over at Easteros and laugh. Those in the Alaska and Hawaii zones also have it fairly well. And for the friends across the pond, a time of 6 AM, 7AM, 8AM, is more desirable to the everyday worker than a midnight release for us unfortunate few.

While it can never be fair for everyone everywhere, a time shift, by even an hour, to the left would help those of us on the East Coast and not have much of an effect to others around the Meh community. Please, Meh, let me give you my money before I go to sleep.