19-Piece TIGI Cosmetics "The Essential" Kit

  • All the essentials. All. Of. Them.
  • 19 Full size cosmetics in this kit
  • Follow your fav influencer’s makeup tutorials
  • Major bang for your buck
  • Model: KAPOWSKI411
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Get Your Face On

Makeup is preposterous.

It is expensive and confusing and really difficult to get right.

It takes a ton of practice and technique and just when you think you’re getting pretty good at the latest on-trend look, some influencer invents another damn thing that you’ll have to learn from a 15-year-old YouTube kid who just paid off their parents’ house by making how-to videos for Zoomers that leave you feeling like a shaky-handed incompetent who shouldn’t even be trusted with tinted lip gloss.

It wasn’t that long ago that you could learn most of what needed to know about makeup from looking over your mom’s shoulder (or your dad’s shoulder) or, if you really wanted to push the envelope, pausing your Saved by the Bell VHS to try and replicate whatever Kelly Kapowski was doing with her eyeliner that episode.

Now there are whole online communities dedicating more collective brainpower to whatever “contouring” is than all of Elon Musk’s scientists have spent trying desperately to get their boss off their backs by sending him to Mars—and that’s a lot.

It doesn’t have to be that way,

Because it turns out that if you start ignoring social media makeup savants and just focus on doing a reasonably competent job on your probably-already-lovely face, you’ll do just fine.

Maybe not “get a sponsorship deal from a glitter wholesaler” fine, but…you know, “looking good in public and accentuating awesome cheekbones” fine.

Cool. That socio-existential crisis aside. now you just need some supplies.

So back to our original point: confusing and expensive!

Well not today. Today it doesn’t have to be confusing and it definitely doesn’t have to be expensive. All because of two words:

Essential. Kit.

It’s everything you need. It all comes in one package. And it’s less than thirty bucks.

Plenty to cover the basics, with enough variety to help you swing for the fences when you inevitably backslide into trying to emulate some face-painting psychopath on Instagram.

You know the one. With the face. Tearful apology video for something or other?

Yeah, that’s the one.

Don’t smash that subscribe button. Do order this essentials kit.

Your look will be fire either way.

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