Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Plus Fitness Tracker & Smart Watch

  • Finally a watch that actually watches you
  • But not in a creepy way
  • It’ll track your steps and your calories and sleep
  • Plus you can synch it with your phone and get notifications, caller ID, etc.
  • You know, like a smart watch
    • Model: STRV01-011-0A-000 TPU, where the TPU stands for “To Pump U-up”
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One Day

Thanksgiving is one day. So, it’s not a big deal, right? The excessive caloric intake, we mean. Surely you can have a single cheat day! Because again, that’s all it is: one day!

Except it’s not. First, a lot of us go home. So we’re hanging out with our family, and we’re eating because, a) somehow it seems as though every parent of a certain age, even if they live on their own, keeps their home stocked with enough snacks to feed a small marching band, and you will eat said snacks as being home ignites in you a desire to retreat to the comforts of childhood, and also because it’s harder to talk about politics with your mouths full; and b) coming home means reuniting with friends and family members you get to see but once each year, which, in turn means meeting up for lunch or dinner or a beer in your little hometown where ‘Keto’ is assumed to be a new martial art, and where a ‘dinner salad’ is a ‘salad’ that you’re forced to eat before you get your real ‘dinner.’

(Speaking of that, quick mini-rant for all the restauranteurs out there: if you serve dinner portion salads and charge $9-18, and then you use iceberg lettuce instead of any of the far superior greens available, I’m sorry, but that is actually a robbery and I will have to citizens-arrest you.)

Anyway, where were we? Oh, right. Point being: It’s not one day. There’s all the days leading up to Thanksgiving, which is to say nothing of the leftover-binge that follows. And then after that you’re stuck inside for a few more weeks, during which time there’s the 8 days of Hanukkah or Christmas dinner, followed shortly by New Years Eve which involves its own kind of over-consumption.

So it’s natural, after all that, to resolve to move a little more, watch what you eat, etc. What we say is: why not make a late-November-until-the-New-Year resolution? To get a few steps in, but moreover, to know where you stand. In other words, why not get one of these Striiv Fusion Bio2 Plus Fitness Smartwatches and start tracking your stuff now, so that come January 1st, you’ve got the data you need to make the resolution count?

It makes so much sense, it almost doesn’t seem like a sales pitch, huh?

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