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Speaker Dock, um, Sunday?: Hale Speaker Dock

  • These have micro-usb charging parts, so they’re better for Android devices.
  • There used to be an app that would make the Dreamer function as an alarm clock, but the app has since been removed from the store
  • But you know what else works as a good alarm clock? Any cellphone built in the last twenty years!
  • The speaker dock you order may say that it’s a “Hale” product. Or it may say “Digital Innovations.” There’s no difference on the inside. They just changed brand names midway through selling these.
  • Models: 3001 & 7002, which are the two years we’re debating between in terms of when we’ll stop selling speaker docks.
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Speaker Dock Sunday

In many ways, Sunday is bizarro Friday. You begin Friday dreading the day of work ahead, and end elated at the opportunity to throw back a few beers and sleep in. Sunday follows the opposite pattern: a pleasant morning followed by an afternoon overflowing with despair that the weekend has ended so fast.

More importantly, (in terms of our bottomline) people actually shop online on Fridays, whereas Sunday is a well-known ecommerce dead zone.

But then why did we so often waste such a valuable day as Friday on such a low-value product as speaker docks? Speaker Dock Sunday is far more alliterative, and what’s more, it’s the day that they deserve.

Or maybe it’s not. Maybe speaker docks don’t deserve to be sold any day of the week. “We’re sick of your bullshit, speaker docks,” we said. “You should not be,” we said. And that was literal days after we opened our digital doors. So why do we keep going back to them?

Because discomfort that persists long enough becomes comfort. Think about it: When you finally upgrade your phone, your computer, your car, your house, your job–don’t you sometimes miss the old quirks and inefficiencies? They might’ve even been what necessitated the upgrade, and yet you find that, while your life is technically better now, struggling with and complaining about these problems brought you a certain cathartic and twisted sense of contentment.

Admit it. You came to the site today and you saw a speaker dock for the first time in a little while and you thought, Oh great, this shit again? I mean, damn, Meh! You just celebrated your fourth birthday, and you’re still trotting out the same garbage as always?

But beneath it all was a thrill; part of you couldn’t wait to hop into those forums and unload.

Before you do, a word on these. They’re pretty old, they’re better for Android phones than iPhones, but apparently they sound pretty good.

Okay, that’s all we’ve got to say. Now, go ahead, give us hell. Just like the good old days.

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