Sorry I was late with the fuku reveal.

ConradHilton thought this was worth mentioning said

Fuku got delivered to my parents place, and my only text about it was “I found your ninja on my porch.” And my only thought was “damn. My assassin was caught.” Only to come pick up my fuku to see that it was in fact in a Ninja blender box, and then realize my mom wasn’t just being cheeky. I opened the box, fully expecting it to be part of the joke and that it’s just 27 iPhone 4 cases and a shark mug, but no. It’s an actual goddamned ninja kitchen system. The fuku bag, a micro USB to USB adapter, and a single golf ball shoved into the top of the box had me convinced that there was something amiss, but no. It’s just a 2hp blender that came with a fuku bag, a USB adapter/build your own phone stand, and a practice golf ball, as well. I’m legitimately floored, meh. Really. This was on my list of things I wanted when I moved into my next place, and as if some glorious benefactor has poured over my wish list, you gave it to me.