Oh my God... It's real.


So one of my whiny posts about not getting a Fuku got a response from one of the Gods of Meh with a gif of a man (presumably him) handing out a fuku.

I laughed… Thought it was a joke… (Yeah, I know they said they would hand them out in the forums… but I didn’t realise the gif was really symbolising that )

And now I’ve got an email saying I’m getting a fuku in the mail.

I can’t believe it… All those times I’ve been beaten by the robot test and not got a fuku… I’ve discovered the real way to get a fuku…

… Be a whiny brat. Lesson learned… Thank you meh… I’m not worthy.

Seriously though, I love meh and I’m going to call my firstborn meh. He probably won’t answer… He doesn’t when I call him his real name either.