BIRTHDAY GAME: (Not) Mad Ape Den

riskybryzness thought this was worth mentioning said

Ever feel like three letter words lack what is needed to convey a message?

This is your chance. You’re getting a single shot, an individual opportunity to seize everything you’ve ever wanted. A single moment. Would it be critical to capture it, or just allow it to slip?

Mom’s spaghetti.

We want you to write a NOT Mad Ape Den song. I’m sure you’re familiar with our Mad Ape Den—it’s not that. It can’t contain any 3 letter words —no the, and or but.

To make this challenge even weirder, it has to be the full song. No verses, no single titles. We want the whole shebang. Just be sure and include the original song title in your wacky ballads.

You’ve got until Monday to complete this, so take some time (not too much time) get creative and send us your best work.