18k Gold Plated XL Initial Necklaces

  • An initial necklace is a great way to tell that special someone: “I know your name”
  • Available in silver or gold
  • Honestly, just a good gift that’s both easy and personal
  • Model: FNG20700W, FNG50700, because if you buy one of these for a loved one, then you’ve Friggin’ Nailed Gifting
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A Person Of Letters

The initial necklace: the perfect, easy gift solution for two distinct scenarios.


You don’t know this person.

Maybe your relationship is just getting off the ground. Like, this is someone you’ve been spending time with–either romantically or as friends–for long enough that it would be weird if you didn’t get them anything, but also you haven’t built a full-blown connection yet. Like, sure, they’ve made a few passing references to gardening or outdoorsy activities, but you don’t want to buy them a gnome or a kayak just yet, because you don’t know how interested in those things they really are.

Or, maybe, you don’t know this person at all. Maybe you just found out that your nephew’s bringing his new girlfriend around for the holidays, and you don’t know if she’s into fencing like his last girlfriend or driftwood sculptures like his girlfriend before that or something entirely different.

Still, in either case, you have one firm piece of information. A name. So, grab an initial necklace and you’re good to go.


You know this person too well.

We’re talking, you’ve been married for two decades. Or friends for even longer than that. You’ve filled their garden with gnomes and their garage with kayaks. Their mantel is replete with the fencing figurines you’ve given them, and their backyard is overflowing with sculptures assembled from driftwood you’ve collected on your travels.

At a certain point, the perfect gift gets boring. They don’t need an annual reminder that you know what they’re into. Instead, they might just want something simple and shiny yet still vaguely personal.

So, again, you get them an initial necklace.

Boom. Done.

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