Pick-Your 2-Pack: Papercraft World 3D Wall Art

  • The making them part? Dope
  • The displaying them part? Also dope
  • Pick your 2-PACK, so you’ve gotta pick two, or in multiples of two if you want more.
  • Model: 6R34T-0N-P4P3R
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Paper Is The Future

What we have here are some cool craft projects for you to embark on. Build your own 2-pack and get to work building some jaggedly beautiful pieces of paper art. Maybe you just enjoy the process of doing something with your hands and you could care less about what happens to the finished product. Or maybe the process is just a means to an end, and what you really want is a unique showpiece for your space. Either way, these PaperCraft 3D models have you covered!

Now, just to repeat that: these are PaperCraft 3D models. Our reason for this emphasis? We want to make sure you understand that we are NOT selling PaperCinema 3D movies. Those are not crafting projects at all. Rather, they’re paper-centric reboots of famous movies released for 3D at-home streaming. Such as:

  • Scroll’d Yeller
  • Card Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • Ocean’s 8 and a half by 11
  • Woodpulp Fiction
  • The (Spiral Bound) Notebook
  • No Country For Fold Men
  • The Good, The Pad, and The Ugly
  • Requiem for a Ream
  • Turner and Couche
  • A Life Less Cardboardinary

Are these the worst puns we’ve ever made? Almost certainly not. And not because they’re good, but because we’ve made some real stinkers over the years.

But we’ll tell you what aren’t stinkers: these dope PaperCraft 3D Models!

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