12-Pack: Watcharee's Thai Sauces (Red Curry, Coconut Curry, or Peanut)

  • The red curry has a nice rich curry flavor
  • The peanut sauce has a mildly sweet yet savory, nutty flavor
  • The coconut curry tastes like coconuts and also the spices that the sauce maker put into it
  • You can choose 2 different flavors, or go all-in on your favorite
  • Do they come in Georgia Red: Actually, one of them does?
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Time For Thai

Maybe you’re planning on making a New Years’ Resolution to be a little more adventurous with your culinary choices in 2023.

Or maybe, after two straight months of fall meals involving squash, potatoes, turkey, and ham, followed up by pumpkin pie and apple pie and pecan pie, you could use a break from classic American flavors.

Or maybe it’s not about the nationality of the meals you’ve been cooking; it’s about the effort. As in, after a few months of brining and roasting and hand mashing and putting together custard and pie dough from scratch, you want big flavor without big prep times, which means using some pre-made sauces.

Or maybe you live in a place in which January and February are months that involve a series of highs in the single digits (positive numbers, if you’re lucky), thus reducing your world to the confines of your home, and you don’t want spend the money or deal with the stress of taking a vacation. So, your only recourse is to watch some international movies and eat some international meals.

Or maybe it’s not that complicated. Maybe you just like Thai sauces.

It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you get EIGHTY-FOUR OUNCES of Thai sauce for $19.99. That’s less than a quarter an ounce! Which, if we’re totally honest, doesn’t sound quite as impressive as we were hoping it would when we started doing the math. But still: a good deal.

Also, unlike so many assorted packs where the quality of the deal is undercut by the fact that you end up with three jars of something that you’re literally never going to eat, this is a pick-your-12-pack. So if you’re into packets of red curry and peanut sauce and don’t want the packets of coconut sauce, you can just say “eighty-six the coconut, fire the curry and peanut.”

(These are terms we’ve seen used on kitchen-based reality shows. We might be using them totally wrong, but we think you get the point.)

So grab a whole bunch of Thai sauce, and enjoy some tasty Thai dishes in the new year.

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