Phase2 Energy PowerSource 660Wh 1800-Watt Power Station

  • Either a small generator or a huge power bank
  • A whole bunch of outlets and ports to power/charge your stuff, and an easy-to-read screen that lets you know how much juice you have left
  • You can buy a solar panel for it if you want
  • Is it available in Georgia Red: Nope, just ‘there’s nothing fun about this product’ black
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Outlets When You Need Outlets

Weirdly, this Phase2 is basically identical to this Duracell version, except for the logo, so let’s check out three reviews from Best Buy:

HTP313 gives it five stars and says:

So far so good. Survived last years Florida hurricane without a glitch. Thankfully it passed our area and landed more south. Used this (with solar panels just in case) in conjunction with a regular gas generator, as a back up to a backup. Only wished it had an updated LiFePO4 battery, but this works and will get the job done

FifaNY also gives it 5 stars and says:

This generator can even keep your refrigerator ON for about 4 hours! Can even connect solar panel to recharge this on the go. Be advise it’s approximately 50 pounds to carry but much better than other heavier generators

Islander gives it, you guessed it, five stars as well and says:

I really love this product. And it works well for my mobile toolbox. That way, I have power when I’m out in the yard.

(Just to clarify: the solar panel is NOT included. But you can get one and attach it.)

Now, those first two reviews highlight this thing’s main selling point. A big battery with a bunch of outlets and ports will provide charge and/or power in an emergency situation, whether said emergency situation involves an actual superstorm or just a downed tree knocking out your power and threatening those choice ribeyes you intended to throw on the grill this weekend.

In other words: this is a great little generator to have when the lights start to flicker.

But, in focusing on these more dire situations, it’s easy to forget what the final review tells us: that this thing can also just be an outlet where you don’t have one. Need to get some work done out in the yard? Don’t have (or want to deal with) an extension cord? Want to knock out some data entry in the middle of a meadow for some reason? You can do that with this!

In conclusion: you can use this thing for emergencies and non-emergencies alike.

So buy one, please.

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