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Mobility Wall Door-Mounted Soft Tissue Massage Roller

  • Mounts easily to any door, so you can enjoy a serious targeted rolling massager without laying down
  • (But, we’re pretty sure you can use it lying down too)
  • Also a great bar for stretches
  • What do you call it when you mount it near the top of the door frame: A real high roller
  • And no, Susan, you can’t actually use it for baking.
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Keep It Rollin'

What is this thing, exactly? We’ll let Eric Nehring’s 5-star Amazon review answer that for us:

This product is absolutely amazing! I have used every myofascial release tool on the market—with varying degrees of success. I decided to try the mobility wall after watching the product demos. I am blown away! Not only is the product easy to use, it is the most effective body tool for releasing trigger points in the trapezius group.

Pretty straightforward, right? A “tool for releasing trigger points in the trapezius group.” Simple as that!

Okay, but scrolling down, here’s another 5-star review from user DragonPhoenix that’s a bit more straightforward:

Usually, you go to the floor using foam rollers. This device allows you to quickly install it between a doorway, and can put it at any height you desire. Great for back stretches, or muscle pressure massage/stimulation. I don’t always want to go to the floor, so this device is convenient. However, this device does offer the potential of being used on the floor, as well.

So, it’s a foam roller that you don’t need to lay down to use. Which means, you can use it to do this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or any number of other things.

Basically, if you want a serious foam roller for massaging aches and pains, or a bar for stretches, you can do a lot worse than this thing.

So maybe get one.

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