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BRAVEN BRV-XXL/2 Large Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • It’s big
  • The sound is big: 4 full-range drivers, 1 massive down-firing subwoofer framed by dual passive radiators
  • The playtime is big: 18 hours
  • The waterproofing is… big?
  • The price tag is big (for us, but way less than anywhere else)
  • Model: TH4T5-50-8R4V3N
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The Reviews Are In

Here’s the thing: we sell a lot of real cheap bluetooth speakers and earbuds. And we feel like we’re usually pretty up front about what we’re offering. Like, we don’t tell you that some 2-dollar AirPod knock-offs are as good as the real thing, or that the speaker built into the pod coffee machine (yes, we actually sold a bluetooth speaker/pod coffee machine once) has enough volume and range to power a house party like the ones you’d see in an early aughts teen comedy.

And we think this level of honesty should really buy us a bit of trust. As in, when we say that this Braven xxl2 is a serious high-powered weatherproof speaker, you should just believe us and that should be that.

But we know how this works. So instead, we’ll turn to some reviews.

Jon L. Jacobi, writing for TechHive, is impressed by the audio quality:

For an IPX5 rated speaker, I’d say the sound from the XXL/2 sits in the 95th percentile. It’s loud and it pumps a lot of bass. Given its mission, and the materials constraints placed on weatherproof speakers, its overall sonority is quite good. My only, and minor, complaint is that its perhaps a bit lacking in mid-range definition. But I’ve heard far worse speakers that buyers still love.

He concludes:

The BVR-XXL/2 is nigh on the perfect ruggedized speaker for occasions where you need a lot of volume and don’t want to worry about the weather or potential rough handling.

Tim Gideon over at PC Mag agrees, rating it a 4 out of 5 and saying:

The Braven BRV-XXL/2 is a beast. If you need powerful bass in a huge, robust build that can get wet and open beer for you, this speaker will not disappoint.

And Gary Goldstein at the LA Times says:

Director Lin Oeding’s stunt background serves him well; the stripped-down action, fights and stunt work here feel like the real deal instead of effects-heavy marvels of editing.

Oh, wait. Shit. That’s a review of the 2018 Jason Momoa starring action-thriller Braven. My bad.

But the other two? They’re: a) from April of this year, so it’s not like these dudes are expressing excitement over some tech that’s already extinct 3-times over; and b) based on a retail price of about $400. So, if these reviewers enjoyed when it cost almost halfway to a grand, think of how much you’ll love it paying just $149!

Also, Braven, the movie? Not bad, IMO. A fun, exciting watch. I give it a B+.

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