7-Pack: Gallery Perfect Black Wood Photo Frame Set

  • 7 decorative black wood picture frames
  • Here’s some important size stuff: you get one 11x14 frame with mat for an 8x10 image display, two 7x14 frames with mat for two 4x6 image displays each, two 8x10 frames with mat for 5x7 image displays, and two 8x8 frames with mat for 5x5 image displays
  • Comes with two sets of contemporary art prints, or you can fill them with your own photos
  • Easy-to-hang template makes them… uh… easy to hang
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Model: 13FW2900, which is a pretty compact model number, considering how much stuff you get
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Frames Of Mind

It’s pretty simple, okay. You don’t just get seven decorative black wood frames that hang either vertically or horizontally on the included hardware. You also get an easy-to-hang frame template, so you can create perfect frame arrangements without doing a ton of measuring and stuff. Basically, how it works is… Actually, you know what? This one minute video is clearer than anything we could put down in writing:

See? It’s so easy! In fact, the hardest part of the whole process will be deciding what to put in the frames. Will you use the contemporary art prints they come with? Or what about pictures of some of your favorite travel destinations? Maybe your family members? Or best friends?

Or, you could get super meta and put in photos of famous camera men and women. Oh, sorry, we don’t mean people who operate cameras. We mean people who themselves are part camera. We’re talking big names like:

  • Rockstar, Lensy Kravitz
  • Former Yankee, Derek Fujiter
  • Grammy-winning singer and rapper, LizzISO
  • Actress, Elisabeth Hot Shue
  • Iconic pop diva, Aper-Cher
  • Actor, Michael Canon
  • Television personality, Dr. Philm
  • Comedian and character actor, Flasha Baron Cohen
  • Star of the upcoming film, Death on the Nile, DSLRmie Hammer
  • and Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Kodak Prescott

Yes. These jokes are bad. But these frames? Pretty nice, if you ask us. So get some!

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