64-Pack: Daelmans Jumbo Stroopwafels (Chocolate-Caramel and/or Honey)

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  • Model: T01L3T-W4FFL3
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Dropping Some Stroopwafel Knowledge

Stroopwafel Fact #1: The year was 2017. Participants in that season of The Great British Bake Off were charged with the simple-sounding task of creating stroopwafels. Valiant efforts ensued, but most contestants failed spectacularly in what nerds who write about stroopwafels on Wikipedia call the worst technical challenge in the show’s history.

Stroopwafel Fact #2: A handful of individually-packaged stroopwafels placed in a watertight plastic bag and lowered into your toilet tank will modestly reduce your water usage while having minimal impact on flushing power.

Taken together, these two independent stroopwafel facts combine to form a simple truth—Stroopwafels are hard to make but easy to hide.

This is important because once you start buying these goodies 64 at a time, your family is going to develop a taste for them. This is hardly fair since you’re the dedicated one putting in the work, visiting meh.com again and again in diligent pursuit of stroopwafel day. Do you know how many Bluetooth speakers and phone charging accessories you’ve purchased while waiting for this? (We do.)

You’re also the one who has bothered to learn all these great stroopwafel facts. Does your family know any stroopwafel facts? They probably don’t. Here are two more.

Stroopwafel Fact #3: The Chocolate-Caramel variety refers to chocolate wafers with caramel inside. They’re delicious.

Stroopwafel Fact #4: The honey variety refers to classic wafers with honey inside. Also delicious.

Four stroopwafel facts seem like plenty. You should probably just order now.

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