4-Pack: Mophie Powerstation 4000mAh Chargers with USB-C Cable (Refurbished)

  • They’re batteries for your phone but they don’t go inside the phone
  • Wild, innit
  • USB-C cords attached for USB-C compatible devices, meaning things with a USB-C port
  • Not for iPhones or micro-USB devices, so don’t do it
  • Four 12W chargers, fast charge and 4,000 mAh
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Power Broker

You know that scene where Palpatine is like, “Power, unlimited power!” That could be you. Except instead of lightning and a wrinkly face, you’ve got power banks for days.

I mean, maybe you already have lightning and/or a wrinkly face. In which case, I can’t really help you with that. Today, at least. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll keep in touch.

You might say, “Oh, but I have plenty of power banks already, because the kind folks at Meh just graciously offer them so often!”

To which I say, yes, yes of course we are quite magnanimous and benevolent. Kind of you to acknowledge it, really. It’s nice to know you appreciate us for our plentiful power banks.

But I’m gonna stop you right there. Plenty? Plenty of power banks? I am insulted. Do you even know what these things are?!

They are power! Pure, portable power! You know how Dune has the spice? Well storable, portable power is just like that! Kinda!

You’ll live longer, because you’ll be less stressed about your phone dying. You’ll be less stressed about running out of power banks to prevent your phone from dying. You’ll be more competent, because your devices will actually be alive. More power banks means more power, more power for you and those you deem worthy of your boundless beneficence! Yes, the people will adore you and shower you with praise!

As long as they don’t have an iPhone. Or an older Android.

In which case, well, I guess it’s actually pretty limited in its use. Limited power. Perhaps it’s for the best. Don’t want anyone going crazy with power or anything. We can still call ourselves power brokers, though, so it all works out in the end.

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