4-Pack: iHome Smart Dimmable Lighting

  • Finally, lights you can control with your phone! (with the Geeni app, available on iOS and Android)
  • Make them change colors (except the Edisons)
  • A variety of different shapes
  • Can they make a margarita: No, but you can make the light margarita-colored, maybe?
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Get Smart

“Dinner was lovely tonight. I seriously have so much fun with you.”

“I have so much fun with you too.”

“Do you… want to come in?”


“That’s so wonderful! Here, right this way. So, this is it. Nothing fancy. But, oh, hey, I got a bunch of smart bulbs from Meh recently. So, do you mind if I… set the mood?”


“Here we go.”

“Ummm, why are the lights suddenly green?”

“Well, to be honest, I’ve been alone a long time. I’m nervous is what I’m getting at. So nervous, in fact, that I’m feeling sick. Why, I’m positively turning green, metaphorically speaking!”


“Oh, gosh. Sorry. Here, let me change them.”

“Okay, they’re red now.”

“Exactly. Because I’m blushing. I’m embarrassed to have said that just now, about turning green.”


“How about this?”


“Because I’m sad to be blowing this.”

“And now it’s yellow?”

“Cuz I kinda gotta pee. But it’s cool. I can hold it.”


“Just remembered I got a nice block of sharp cheddar in the fridge. You want any? With some crackers? A little after-dinner snack?”

“No thanks.”

“How about a glass of wine?”

“That, I could do.”

“Great! So, do you want–”

“I swear to God, if you make the lights turn red and then white as my two options, I’m gonna walk out of here and you’ll never see me again.”


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